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The Boy Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network

Katherine Losse, a former Facebook employee tells all, or at least a lot. 

The Atlantic Wire wrote:  From 2005 to 2010, Katherine Losse worked in customer service at the company; she also was a ghostwriter for Mark Zuckerberg. The books promises some juicy stuff, “from Facebook’s company obsessed culture to its rowdy company parties.”
Employees were incentivized to live within one mile of the office, summers were spent carousing at the company pool house, and female employees were told to wear T-shirts with founder Mark Zuckerberg’s profile picture on his birthday.

Employees were expected to dedicate themselves to “the cause,” (aka, living the Facebook way); employees with most-liked photos and posts on their profiles would win monetary rewards; and there was a secret Facebook app called Judgebook that allowed company employees to score images of Facebook users. Also, while at VIP parties in Las Vegas, “Facebook employees would have bouncers bring women to their table, then turn them away for not being attractive enough.”  However, there might come some ensuing change in the corporate culture with the hiring of Sheryl Sandberg – or Zuckerberg’s marriage?

Would we all just adapt our behavior to the habits and rules of these brilliant but socially awkward Internet savants who have become today’s youngest power players?  Increasingly skeptical, Losse graduated from customer service to the internationalization team – tasked with rolling out Facebook to the rest of the world -finally landing a seat right outside Zuckerberg’s office as his personal ghostwriter, the voice of the boy king.



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