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Invasion of the Overworld: A MINECRAFT Novel




Parents love the anti-bullying message
This novel  deals with cyber-bullying. As the self-proclaimed King of the Griefers, Gameknight starts out bullying other players, i.e. griefing them, because he is bullied at school. But as he battles through the different challenges in the story, Gameknight999 comes to learn the negative affects of his behavior on other people. In the end, Gameknight comes to learn the real meaning of sacrifice for another and the true value of friendships. And kids are turning off the computer and READING!

172 pages –  for 10 yr old’s and over  –  211x 5-Star Reviews!
Invasion of the Overworld is available in print and digital format.

A best selling Minecraft novel on Amazon
With an exciting plot, spine tingling battles, and detailed characters you come to love — this book is capturing the attention of people all over the world.
“Invasion of the Overworld” tells the story of Gameknight999 after being pulled into Minecraft…for real. He has to struggle through exciting life and death battles with zombies and creepers and spiders while he faces off against the most terrifying of monsters, Erebus, the King of the Endermen. If he can’t stop the monster horde, then they will move up through the server planes until they break into the physical world, where they will destroy everything. Can he stop the crashing wave of evil monsters from destroying everything? Can he stand up against the terrifying King of the Endermen? Only Gameknight999, the User-that-is-not-a-user, knows how to save the multitudes from certain obliteration.

Invasion of the Overworld is something new to the landscape of Minecraft novels.
People love this book because it completely immerses them into the world of Minecraft;

  • They feel like they’re living this adventure with Gameknight999.
  • The battle strategies and crafting hints used throughout the book will give you new ideas about Minecraft.
  • The spine tingling battles will make your heart race and make you want to stay up late reading to the end.

Author Mark Cheverton
Mark Cheverton released the first book in his Minecraft series, Invasion of the Overworld: A Minecraft Novel, which is expected to be followed by the sequel, Battle for the Nether, in 2014.
Mark Cheverton grew up in Southern California, going through high school, and college. After college, Mark taught high school physics and math for many years. While teaching, he earned a Master’s degree in Physics and conducted research on planetary atmospherics. After moving to the east coast, he started doing research for a Fortune 100 company in the fields of machine vision and additive manufacturing. His first book, The Algae Voices of Azule, was released in 2012, followed by the sequel shortly after.


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or on Twitter: @markcheverton1

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