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Are you aware of Apple’s “Distributorship”?


Apple Blossoms

The iLicense Agreement Books Author’s End User (EULA) stipulates that e-books created with the application cannot be sold anywhere but on the Apple iBookstore. 

More specifically, if you want to give your creation away free you can do that wherever you like and if you want to make money off it, you can sell it only from the iBookstore and Apple gets a 30% cut.

According to intellectual property lawyer Dan Booth, this will give Apple an exclusive “distributorship” of texts for sale:

“The most dangerous clause for authors is the distribution clause, which gives Apple the right to refuse to distribute anything created with the software.  Since sales and distribution go hand in hand, Apple could use that clause to prevent any sale, for any reason. This would apparently allow Apple to lock up with contract rights what it could never get through copyright, total control over all sales.”

Read more about “Howls of Outrage” by Ariel Bogle from Melville House Books.

My question is: Why does not anyone sue them?  Like it happened to Microsoft years ago.



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Hold the Thieves!

Your website or blog content might be ruthlessly plagiarized by lazy web content writers who steal rather than create it.  For content theft, the first thing to do is to identify the offending party. This can be done for free through a manual search of extract of your content with Google Blog Search – By permitting searching exact phrases, post titles or author names, the advanced search feature on Google Blogs search enables finding other sites publishing one’s work.

There are also automated solutions available for a monthly fee:

CopyScape  –  A plagiarism detecting tool where you can enter your web address to find other sites that may be publishing your content. The free version can be used for manual check. The Premium versions enables checking specific content and the CopySentry tool will monitor the web regularly for newly published content.

Grammarly  – This tool combines checking your content for grammatical mistakes and detecting plagiarism, sending warnings when any content piece is plagiarized.

Read a lot more how you can fight theft of your intellectual property in this superb post:


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