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2 More Reasons to Have a Blog for Book PR


In one of my recent articles I have written about Content Marketing via your blog and how to write for the web. Another article encouraged writers to “Start a blog today!” as a New Years resolution.

Jeff Bullas has written a fantastic article (well, blog) about Content Marketing (for authors, I call it blogging) and the benefits (for the author). He says:

“It is vital for optimizing your website and blogs to rank higher in search engines. The better the content and the more it is shared tells Google and other search engines that your website is worth reading. So it is pushed up the search rankings. If it is really good content it may even appear on the first page or even at number one (by the way by obtaining top ranking it receives about 40% of all clicks).”

“Important for driving social media sharing – the better the content the more it is shared. It is as simple as that. Crap content does not get shared. Fullstop!!”

Key Insights
“Content writing (blogging) provides a solid footing for your marketing as 70% of customers prefer getting to know a company through an article rather than an ad. Websites with blogs receive 55% more visitors. 63% of companies said posting content on social media has increased marketing effectiveness.” 

And then he adds a couple of really good info-graphics, so hop over to Jeff Bullas’ blog to see them and to read the whole article! 





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