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How to Find Your Target Market

Find Your Hooks
Your hooks are what makes you and your book special. But you mind wonder: Who is going to buy my book when they are bombarded with all these other books?

The most important elements to make you and your book stand apart are right inside your manuscript. Your all important “hooks” are in your characters, your plot and your style. In other words, you have already created all the solutions you need to market, promote and publicise your book when you wrote the book.

Location – Where does your book take place? Can you build, develop and implement entire promotions around that location?

Character – Is there something special about your characters? Love cats? Go mountain hiking or surfing? Go deep, identify what makes your characters special and consider how that element might create a powerful “hook” that resonates with a prospective book buyer.

Association – Is your main character a gardener, are gardening clubs a good target? If he/she loves animals, are animal rescue groups a good readership target? Does your character connect with any large group of any profession or interest? Are these possible fans? Always consider association, it can open big doors for target marketing.



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