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Are you aware of Apple’s “Distributorship”?


Apple Blossoms

The iLicense Agreement Books Author’s End User (EULA) stipulates that e-books created with the application cannot be sold anywhere but on the Apple iBookstore. 

More specifically, if you want to give your creation away free you can do that wherever you like and if you want to make money off it, you can sell it only from the iBookstore and Apple gets a 30% cut.

According to intellectual property lawyer Dan Booth, this will give Apple an exclusive “distributorship” of texts for sale:

“The most dangerous clause for authors is the distribution clause, which gives Apple the right to refuse to distribute anything created with the software.  Since sales and distribution go hand in hand, Apple could use that clause to prevent any sale, for any reason. This would apparently allow Apple to lock up with contract rights what it could never get through copyright, total control over all sales.”

Read more about “Howls of Outrage” by Ariel Bogle from Melville House Books.

My question is: Why does not anyone sue them?  Like it happened to Microsoft years ago.



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The e-book market is truly global now

Statement from an independent publisher (300 new titles per year):

“E-books combined with social media have opened up many new markets.”
“Kindle is the heavyweight, and we can’t wait for them to expand further.”
“This year through Kobo alone we’ve sold books in UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Hong Kong, and India.
“iBooks through Apple is also proving good in Canada – enough so for us to recently launch a Canadian website.”

“There are improvements in physical books too. The databases have improved significantly within, and between, the online retailers. For example loading a book up with Amazon now gets the book visible wherever Amazon are – UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan.”

Exciting times!

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