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Coffee-table books in digital format

Are coffee-table books now available on e-Readers?

Apple’s latest version of its iBooks app, which allows e-books to have a pictorial layout similar to printed books and supports full page illustrations, has been hailed by one publisher as being “the beginning of a phenomenally exciting phase in picture book publishing”.

The new version of the online store means all publishers signed up to Apple’s terms on the iBookstore, including the “Big Five” (publishers), will be able to release fully illustrated e-books.

Pan Macmillan digital director Sara Lloyd said: “We are delighted with this first step towards expanding our e-book program to cover our color integrated books.”

AA Publishing in Great Britain today released its first illustrated books on the iBook store, “Landscape Photographer of the Year” and “British Wildlife Photography Awards 2010”.

For sure, this new iBooks update will open doors to fully illustrated publishing.

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