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Is this You? Make it Right from the Start!



Would you learn to drive a car, a totally new profession or fly a plane without a flight instructor?
It makes sense to have a professional for “showing you the ropes”, someone who has studied the subject and has many years experience. The same is true for the “new profession” that you, as an independent authors choose: Publisher.

Getting help BEFORE you write or at least before you publish, can save a lot of headache, beginner mistakes, lots of time and most important: Money! And even when you get help after your book is published, it will improve your appearance as a serious author tremendously.

Evaluating Book Appearance and Author Platform
Before we start our Publishing and Book Marketing consulting/coaching we ask our clients to fill out a questionnaire in order to evaluate their book’s appearance and if the basics of professional publishing are known and if the author platform or any kind of author brand are visible.

These are some of the gaps we discover:

  • No knowledge about the “competition” of their book
  • No clear picture about the potential readership demographic
  • No professional author image on Social Media
  • Missing author pages on Amazon or Goodreads
  • Cover image not in line with the content / not attractive
  • No Google+ Page for each of their books
  • No email opt-in on their webpage
  • No own ISBN, which means not their own publisher
  • Not registered with Bowker for worldwide listing of books
  • No regular blog posts on their site
  • No guest posting on other blogs
  • Follows only other writers on Twitter instead of readers or reviewers
  • Book is in the “wrong” category on Amazon
  • No transfer of Twitter / Facebook followers to Goodreads
  • No interesting tweets, just hawking their books
  • No email signature, or no “” on blogs
  • No articles written for newspapers or magazines
  • No free event invitation on Goodreads or Google+
  • Social Media sites are not connected with each other
  • Book Cover that screems “self-published”
  • No pre-publishing reviews are sent out
  • No Goodreads Giveaway before book launch

…. well, this list could go on and on …

Never Too Late
My favored quote is “You never get a second chance for a first good impression”. However, there is always still a good chance to improve the author platform and the author brand, one step at a time.  When all these gaps are closed, sales will pick up!  But you have to do the necessary steps and the groundwork first!  Let’s help you with our 30+ years of professional publishing experience and marketing studies. See also samples how we can support your marketing efforts.



If you would like to get more support in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites – or to learn how you can make yourself a name as an author through content writing: We offer all this and more for only $159 for three months! Learn more about this individual book marketing help:
Or visit  to advertise your new book, specials, your KDP Select Free Days or the new Kindle Countdown Deals.

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The Latest Numbers – For Your Books Success



. ranked #102,462 in the world and in the USA #45,649  according to Alexa website ranking. “ receives 9,588 page views per day and has website back links from #339 websites.” They are only talking about one of our websites / blogs! We promote our clients’s books on several websites, plus on our numerous Social Media sites.

Extensive Outreach to Book Lovers
Most important for promoting your book campaigns is a well-known partner with an extensive outreach to book lovers and readers / reviewers communities.  There are four more websites, notably,,   and this blog with well over 500,000 readers so far – plus all our Social Media sites, such as 3 Twitter Accounts with over 40,000 followers, 4 Google accounts with over 7,000 followers and 3 Pinterest book pages, where we post on a daily basis.
We are members in several dozens of reader / book communities on Google+ with ca. 60,000 friends and Goodreads – where we have over 3,200 friends. We also contribute daily to websites such as Tumblr and StumpleUpon. All these pages are connected with each other, it is a whole showcase network, which means your book and it’s cover will show up on many different places on the internet.

Three Ways Authors Can Benefit
More than 30 years of publishing experience and our great connections are valuable ingredients in consulting and coaching:

1. Online Seminar / Marketing Package
2. Weekend Seminars
3. Promo / Advertising / Email Newsletter / Websites

1. Online Seminar: Consulting & Book Marketing Help:
This comprehensive package consists of two main parts:

Online Seminar / Consulting

  • Unlimited book marketing consultations by email for up to three months
  • Unlimited social media help for up to three months
  • Article to introduce your book to readers
  • Three hours of one-on-one Book Marketing Online Seminar phone-consultations
  • Instructions / checklist / links for you to use for your book promotions
  • Author interview on our blog website – this article stays there forever!
  • Free e-book for you: “Book Marketing on a Shoestring” launch Spring 2013
  • Plus one surprise gift we will reveal once you signed up!

Marketing of your book(s)

  • Introduction of your books on dozens of reader communities with a 60,000+ audience
  • Advertising of your book on free days /promotions with Amazon KDP to over 500.000+ readers
  • Blog posts including cover image/author bio/books description on both, blog & our websites
  • “Book of the Month” individual email recommendation to more than 3,200 readers on Goodreads etc.
  • Book posts/tweets/ads several times/week for 3 months on all sites to more than 500.000+ readers

As one client recently commented on our blog: “I fully agree that the Book Marketing package offered is not only economical, but with value added services. She guides me on a day-to-day basis, always helpful, always approachable. Thank you. Highly recommend Doris.”

To sign up for the Online Seminar go to:


2. Writers Seminars on Weekends
Find out how to navigate the modern publishing world, get hundreds of valuable marketing tips during this seminar while in the relaxed atmosphere of a group of writers. Learn how to promote your book without even spending money for it. Get practical hands-on tips to market your book.

These are the WRITER’S SEMINAR main topics:

  • Learn about the pre-publishing & publishing process
  • Identify your target readers and their demographic
  • Find out how to reach these readers online and off-line
  • Create your own brand and your platform
  • Choose the type of publishing that is right for you
  • Market and publicize your book successfully on a budget
  • Leverage the content of your book into other markets
  • Prepare your next bestseller & find free book publishing funding sources
  • Learn about Government Grants and funding for your print book

3. NEW: Advertising & Social Media Promotion:
Three months for only $79. Just in time for NaNoWriMo to give you writing time while we promote your book. Are you planning any of these book promotions:

  • Introduction / launch of a new book?
  • Have a Goodreads Giveaway?
  • A reduced book price campaign?
  • Amazon KDP Select FREE days?

To take advantage of this inexpensive book advertising and to sign up at an extremely low price go to  or


Let us help you to learn the publishing ropes, become a successful writer and save time – time to write!  For any questions you might have, send us an email, using the forms you can find on each of our websites. Contact us, no matter if you are a single writer or a writers group to schedule a seminar / workshop in your area. Winter and Spring 2014 w’ll have several on the East Coast and Eastern Canada.




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Appealing Book Cover

Or: How to Sell More Books

Rule # 1 for your book cover at Amazon is NEVER to use a white background! White on white is barely visible and your book will not stick out, especially when you chose to have the text in black.  Your book cover should be:

– be aesthetically appealing
– appeal to the book’s intended audience
– represent the book’s contents

– use a clean, readable font
– use bold or complementary colors
– use light on dark for dramatic effects
– visit a bookstore to research book cover designs
– test the cover in thumbnail size to make sure it looks good at Amazon’s website



An appealing book cover can be done through the use software, such as bookcoverpro, if you are computer-savvy and creative / artsy or hire a professional at Freelancer or Elance or just get in touch with your local college / graphic design class to find a young and eager cover artist.



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