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How Bookmarks Promote Your Books



Sometimes I get a blank stare from younger clients at our Seminars when talking about business cards and bookmarks, these essentials to hand-out at book signings or at book fairs and writers conferences.
Business cards are a familiar item but bookmarks? No, they have nothing to do with bookmarking and filing a URL address of a website : )

What is a Bookmark?
Bookmarks are around for centuries and are used to mark the page were a reader ended – or better where she/he wants to continue to read next time they open their book. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says:
Bookmark  “A Bookmark is a thin marker, commonly made of card, leatherette, or fabric, used to … As the first printed books were quite rare and valuable, it was determined …”

In the past bookmarks were made out of thin metal, fabrik or paper and artfully decorated. I once received a bookmark, made of silk and decorated with real pearls. Well, nowadays they are made of thin cardboard, gloss-finished or plastic-coated …. but still some are equipped with a small tassel or a ribbon for easy use.

Hand Out Bookmarks as Small Gifts
Instead of handing out a business card, give book lovers, friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, book clubs and visitors at fairs or conferences this more casual, but very attractive symbol that ought to show the cover or another image from your books content. It should be colorful and artistic designed, printed on both sides, and show the title of your book in bold letters on the bookmarks top or bottom. And you certainly want the reader to visit your website or blog, so don’t forget to add the URL and also a link to your Amazon author page.

Get Quotes
Ask not only your business card printer, but also search the Internet for price/quality comparisons. Here are just a few of many companies that offer bookmarks:

Book Mark Printing Samples and Designs of Custom Bookmarks

Bookmark printing – start with a FREE proof. Did you know that most of our products have custom size options? Simply select “Custom Size” on the size drop down and specify.
Printed samples of book marks showing a variety of designs and layouts and ways to promote and market your business, product or cause with bookmarks.
Can I create a bookmark in Publisher? – Publisher –…/can-i-create-a-bookmark-in-publisher-HA00123…?
Bookmark templates that you can use to create bookmarks for books. … Publications that are set up to print multiple copies per page, such as postcards, …
Fast Bookmark Printing Vancouver, Digitally Printed Book-Marks …
Full Color Bookmarks Digitally Printed, FAST Turnaround! Choose from rush same day, next day or 2-3 business day production time. Digital printing is the …
Free Printable Bookmarks for Children – Activity Village
We’ve got free printable bookmarks here for kids of all ages – great for teachers to hand out in class, parents to slip into a party bag, grandparents to use to …

Longterm Advertisement – Promote Your Books
An attractive Bookmark will not be thrown away, as many business cards get after a while. It is a long term ad for you as an author and often kept for good in books. How about you? Did you add an image of your bookmark to your Amazon author page? You know that you can post several images – and this would be one to show proudly on your author page.

Tips from readers: 
Stephen from
Bookmarks should have a QR code so people can scan and buy your book directly from the card.

Marla from
Vistaprint does not have bookmarks but they have a wonderful postcard that costs only about 20-24 dollars for 250! Can’t beat it and it is a great thing to hand out when selling books at an event. They really help to promote your books to all the ereader people. They love it when you sign them for them!


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