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How are You Using LinkedIn as a Writer?

It took me years until I finally engaged on LinkedIn.  The main reason was, I assumed only business people, job searchers and hiring executives are on this platform.  How wrong I was!  It is a fantastic tool for writers to connect in many groups, posting and participating there, learning from their peers and to publish articles or blog posts.  Only when I learned that almost 95 per cent of all editors and journalists are on LinkedIn, I finally got in full swing.

Linkedin Infographic
Via: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success

Wayne Breitbarth, successful author of the LINKEDIN BOOK: POWER FORMULA FOR LINKEDIN SUCCESS managed to get answers from over 900 LinkedIn users in a survey about their habits on this popular Social Media Networking site. The info graphic shown above is about his findings.

Aimed at the experienced business professional who is either skeptical about LinkedIn or looking for ways to more effectively use this cutting-edge tool, Wayne Breitbarth’s simple, user-friendly guide explains how to access the full power of LinkedIn—including advice on making lasting business connections, building a unique personal brand, and generating significant business opportunities.  Get more of his valuable tips here:  Some of his advice:

  • Filling out a summary of your LinkedIn profile is crucial if you want to pop up in search results.
  • Blogging on LinkedIn:  Use this new, free feature to get more exposure for your writing and your books.
  • Developing a strategy for finding the right people on LinkedIn will be your ticket to success.

Alex Pirouz
advises on his helpful blog

  • Update or edit your skills regularly on your LinkedIn – visible for others
  • Move your Skills and Expertise Section to the Top of Your Profile
  • Arrange Your “Skills” in order of importance to you, dragging them up (only 10 top skills are shown).  Once your connections start endorsing your skills, then the number of endorsements will dictate the rank of each of your skills. This also makes it important to eliminate any skills for which you don’t want to be ranked highly. The *best* you can do is ask your very best friends connected to you for “Endorsements” on specific “skills”.  Of course, it helps when you also give “Endorsements” to your connections.

Kim Brownassistant director for Syracuse University’s Career Services department spends a good portion of her day looking over LinkedIn profiles for job seekers and students.  Some of her tips for LinkedIn users include:

  • Adding a picture to your LinkedIn profile can make a world of difference. Studies have shown that profiles with pictures are much more likely to get clicked on LinkedIn than those without.
  • Keep your Facebook and your professional LinkedIn profile separate, and don’t link to Facebook from your professional LinkedIn page.

With well over 300 million members and two people joining per second, LinkedIn is becoming more and more important as a professional networking and is by far the most dominant professional networking site.  Join any or all of the best groups for writers on LinkedIn.  Read also the descriptions of the best 20 groups for writers.  What about you, are you on LinkedIn?  And which groups did you join? 




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