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How to Get More Followers on Your Google+ Page




Google+ or Google Plus, no matter how you write it, is an author’s best friend. Why? Here are just a couple of reasons to join for the ones that are not already on Google Plus, more in an article from September 2011 “7 Reasons to be on Google+“:


Search Engine Ranking:  As the main search engine Google indexes and ranks its own site much higher than any other content. Google+ posts are easily indexed by Google search, and unlike tweets or Facebook posts, are treated much like regular web pages. That means a well-constructed G+ post – with a main keyword in the first sentence / title and a good amount of engagement – can rank well in Google search and stay ranked for a long time.

Google+ helps in building your author rank content, and your author reputation will be determined by your Google+ activity, e.g. how many +1’s (Likes or re-tweets) you receive and in how many circles you are.
An important step in claiming authorship is to link from your blog to your Google+ profile and linking back from Google+ to your blog.

On Google+ authors can create a separate page for each of their books. You have immense space to show images, such as your books cover, even if it has 36 MB, which I just tried out. And you can show images as often as you want during the day. Important tip: Always add the image of your book cover first, and once it shows up, add text and link to Amazon, B&N etc. If you start with the link, only the ugly generic icon from Amazon appears, not showing your cover at all.

On Google+ you can publish your press releases, blogs, testimonials, case studies and news. The difference with Google+ is that your content, if found, will be listed at the top of Google personal results mixed in with traditional search results.

Google+ works with “circles”, which will enable you to “separate” your readers from your private followers or to divide genres in which you write, for sample romance from children’s book readers. Each of your posts can get different audiences.

Another great feature are the “Hangouts”, which can be “used for interviews, small-group Webinars, question and answer sessions etc.

Then there is the Event-Planner where book launches and book signings can be announced, including a map where the event takes place. This way an author in Melbourne, Australia can invite people to her book signing or a book launch party in New Orleans can be brought to the attention of readers. URL

Set up the automatic function of transferring your Google+ posts to Twitter, as described in a blog last month.

Don’t forget to be “social” and comment and +plus other peoples content. It is called social network, not advertising board, so engage a bit with others and appreciate their posts, it is a two-way lane after all…

How can you get lots of followers on your Google+ presence?

  • First of all your Google+ page needs to be attractive for visitors: Spend some time optimizing your Google+ page and building it up with content and posts before you start promoting your presence.
  • Use lots of images, get links to free images at former blog posts, where we listed free photo sites.
  • Announce your Google+ page on your other social media sites.
    If people are following you on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, they already find value in the content you are sharing.
  • Write a blog post about your new Google+ Page,
    what you’ll be sharing there, and why your blog readers should want to follow you.
  • Include a Google+ Badge on your blog or website.
    Link your Google+ page to your site. Get more recommendations for your site in Google search and grow your audience on Google+. Just go to Google developers and copy / paste the code there into your website code (choose between an icon, or a small or standard badge).

Now you can invite people into your circles:

  1. Use the icon on the left side of your Google+ page, from there go to “find people” around reader keywords: (type them into the search function on top of your page) book lovers – book worms – reading – books – reads – literature – e-books – Kindle books – publishing – novels etc. and add interesting people to your circles. Try to find readers, not writers and build your own circles.
  2. Visit other Google+ circles to find like-minded “Googler’s”
  3. Transfer your Gmail account contacts and add them to your circles

Bill Hartzer gives these tips in a great post:

– Follow people and add them to a Circle.
– Wait a period of time and see if they follow you back.
– If they aren’t active and they haven’t followed you back, then consider removing them from your Circles.
The timing of all of this (adding people to Circles, waiting for them to follow you back, removing them from Circles, etc.) is really up to you–I recommend keeping it to about 250 people a day, although there are some limits on Google+:

– You can only follow 5000 people at any one time.
– There is NO limit to the number of people who can follow you.
– There is a limit to adding people to circles, which is 1000 per day.

Read his very useful post with lots of screen shots.

A great help in establishing your Google+ presence is Guy Kawasaki’s e-book (only 99cents) “What the Plus” – which we already described in a former blog post.

Google+, which was only officially launched in June 2011, has now already more than 400 million registered users, and more than 135 million active users and is rapidly growing. Compare it with Twitter which has only 500 million total users after almost seven years, and more than 200 million active users. Let us know about YOUR Google+ presence and we will add you into our circles. Find our brand new publishing page which we just launched, beside the other page, that has around 2,000 followers and 4,600 following (no time to un-follow : )

Google+ is just like any other social network. In order to be social, you need to have friends. You need other people on your social network to interact with, people who are active members of that social network. If they don’t log in on a regular basis and keep their profile active, they can’t interact with you.




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Announce Your Book Signing on Google+ for FREE


Create an event
While Facebook Events are geared towards getting people together, Google Plus seeks to help people plan beforehand as well as share their experiences during and after the event. Through its aesthetic design and prominent placement on profiles, Events promises to be a collection of group photo albums for commemorating special times, online and offline.

Through its aesthetic design and prominent placement on profiles, this Events feature is a great free tool to market your book launch or signing. But as always with Google+ : Your events success depends on the amount of people you can reach and this in turn depends on how many people you include into your circles.

  • Log into http://plus. Log into Google Plus and click on “Events” in the left-hand menu.
  • Click on the “Create Event” button in the top right-hand corner.
  • Fill in the basic details of your event — title, location, etc.
  • Decide which of your circles or single persons you want to invite
  • By default, only those invited can see your event.
  • You can also change it to be a public event.
  • Set other options for your event. Click on the “Event options” button next to the event title field.
  • Basic options. Decide if you’d like your guests to be able to invite other people and to add their photos to the event page.
  • Add additional fields to your event. If you’d like to add a website, ticket seller URL, YouTube link, transit / parking information, or other details to your event information, check the “Show additional fields” option.
  • Choose a cover photo of your event. Click on the “Change theme” button at the top to choose between pre-made Google Plus designs and your photos. You can also upload a new photo or play a live slideshow of all the photos.
  • Hit “Invite” to confirm the creation of your event. You will be directed to your new event’s page.
  • Share the event to your profile by clicking on the button in the top right-hand corner.

Google Plus also automatically creates a new album for all of the photos you upload to an event. You can access these photos from your albums page and from the event page. If this is a yearly-recurring event or a regular gathering between a group of people, you can post pictures from the last time a similar event happened. Otherwise, it might be better to post photos from the event after the gathering has taken place.

Other possibilities are:

Create an event from the calendar list
In the calendar list on the left, click on the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar. Then, select Create event on this calendar.

Create an event via SMS
Simply send a text message containing your event’s details to the shortcode “GVENT” (48368). For example, if you send a message with something like “Book Launch at Chapters 3pm on Saturday, November 24, 2012” Google Calendar can figure out what you mean and pop the new event into your calendar.

Publish the Event
When you click the “Publish Event” link you will be given some code that you can use to link to your event. This is how you would share the event on your website so that users can click a button to add it to their calendar. Within this code is the link that will take users right to your event. Copy all of the code between a href=” and the next set of double quote marks.
As the creator of the Event, you can manage your guest list, add photos, share your Event with more people, edit Event details and delete an Event. How to add a Google map and give directions how your guests can reach you is shown in this video.

Be smart and use this exiting, free Google+ tool to spread the word about your book and your event. And don’t forget: a similar feature is offered by Goodreads, also for free. Take advantage of these great opportunities to present your book!




If you would like to get more support in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites – or to learn how you can make yourself a name as an author through content writing: We offer all this and more for only $159 for three months! Learn more about this individual book marketing help:
Or visit
to advertise your new book, specials, your KDP Select Free Days or the new Kindle Countdown Deals.

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How to Announce Your Book for FREE on Google

Market for Free on Google+


Would you like to have your book cover and description seen by millions on the internet?
If your answer is YES, then sign up with Google plus – Google+ and use one of the best ways on the whole internet to announce your book for FREE – several times a day!

Once you are signed up with Google+, write a compelling “Profile” and add images of you and your books to it.  Start building circles and adding potential readers of your book into these circles. Unlike Twitter you can build circles with thousands of followers in a very short time. No 2,000 limit here…

No need to “hand-pick” these followers, just start out by adding already existing circles to your own. Type in: readers, writers, literary agents, publishers, librarians, book reviewers, book worms etc. or keywords of your books to find the right circles. Don’t forget your personal interests, sports and hobbies to have well-mixed community. Select the audience or the parts of your list that will be receiving your message according to your choosen topic of circles.

Create also a Google+ Business Account for each of your books – easy and free again. Google+ allows every business to act as an individual in many forms.

Like with any other social media, comment on postings of others, ask questions, give a “1+” on their postings and “share” them (same as “re-tweet” on Twitter). After some partizipating days, start your own posts, write short articles about anything your Audience might be interested in. After all it is called “Social Media”…
Add lots of photos and snippets from your blog or website. Post your book trailer – see 111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer how to do this.  And add links to Amazon or other book sales pages.

Place images of your books and a short description along with your author bio – several times a day! Place your book trailer in separate posts to achieve even more buzz. Write at least five unique descriptions of each of your books, to avoid this “spamming look” on your posts and change the headline as well.

You can use Google Talk to chat with friends, potential customers and readers. In your sidebar, you have an option to connect with people in through chats. Again: As larger your audience on Google+ is, as more people you added to your circles, as more potential readers you will get and as better the result will be.

Best of all: Your Search Engine ranking increases exceptionally when participating on Google+.  Submit each of your blog post to your Google+ account. Google treats the information on its own platforms, aka Google Search Engine, pretty high. This means your SEO-ranking for your website or blog improves tremendously.

Take advantage of Google+, one of the best ways to market books or e-books which authors and publishers yet have to discover. Let me know about your Google+ presence and I will add you into my circles too. Mine is:



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Social Media – Which One Do You Like Best?

Jeff Bullas wrote in the foreword for his brilliant infographic:
“Social media is spreading knowledge globally at the speed of a “Tweet” and provides us all with tools that can enable us to follow our dreams, if only we can capture and heighten that curiosity for knowledge that drives humans to succeed.”

From Jeff’s post on social media networks:

Google+ now both a personal and business social network after launching Google+ brand “pages” on November 7, 2011. Google plus enhanced the visual aspect of social networks by making its images significantly larger (think book titles!) than the photos on Facebook.

This social network is a place to organise and share online images that you find interesting or inspiring and continues to reinforce the trending growth of an increasingly visual social web. Pinterest has grown 4,000% in the last 6 months, with more than 4 million unique users.

Tumblr is a multimedia rich microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their short form blog. It is about ease of use.
•900% growth in the last 12 months
•90 million users compared to only 10 million a year ago

Slideshare is the “YouTube of  Presentations” and allows you to upload PowerPoint into globally accessed slideshow and again is a highly visual social  media platform.
•It is one of the top 150 websites in the world
•60 million visitors a month
•Has 500% more traffic from business owners than any other professional website
•3 billion slide views per month

Facebook is a “must have” to keep tabs on, as its 800 million plus users means it is the defacto social network platform of choice for nearly one in two of the world’s web users.  Its ecosystem with easy to install “apps” and burgeoning commerce and marketing power continue to attract business and marketers. Essentially you market on facebook first and then consider other platforms.

Its simplicity and immediacy as an open texting service on steroids continue to keep it  top of mind in popular digital culture. Its embedding in the new Apple iOS5 mobile operating system  has stimulated growth and increased sign-ups by 300%.

See his superb post here:




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