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How to Create an Email Signature



“Never send out an email without your author’s signature!”  You might have heard this advice before, but: do you use the gains of e-mail signatures to market and promote your books?

Every day you send out dozens of emails to friends, business colleagues, your lawyer or accountant, potential readers or editors … Email signatures (a.k.a. sig lines) are powerful, low-cost, high-return marketing tools (a virtual business card or ad) for writers. But very few authors use this free way of getting the emails recipients attention to their books.

Create a hyperlink to your author’s website or blog, or you can hyperlink to your author page. If you are not yet on Amazon or other online retailers, link to your Social Media presence.

Gmail makes it real easy to create an email signature
Email signatures can be added under “settings” in your email service. At Gmail it is the small tool icon on the upper right part of the your email page. Click on it to come to the “settings” page and scroll down to Signature: (appended at the end of all outgoing messages). When you click on the link underneath, that says “Learn More” you will find tips and samples for email signatures, and how you can create signatures for the Gmail app for Android, the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad, and mobile web browsers.

Your email signature should answer who you are, what you do, and how you can be contacted. In times when people are overloaded with information, use an email signature that is minimal and does not require much space. When using, you can place all your information, including an image, in one single link. You will be surprised what a great and attractive tool it will be. Best of all: You can link your blog to and always show your latest posts to visitors.

Authors should use the gains of their e-mail signatures to market and promote their books. It does not cost you a cent – or a penny.Yet an email signature shows you care about the way you communicate. If you have an email signature, you are constantly sending people your “passive” marketing, which is spreading the word about you, your brand and your books. Create your email signature right now, immediately after reading this post!



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