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Santa seems to be relaxing after his busy job… 

And I hope you can relax too and enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

Here is another little Christmas gift for you:  A FREE e-book on Amazon:

111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer

Are you an author who had video-taped interviews, or has already a book trailer? Business owners and professionals who include videos in marketing campaigns: Get this FREE e-book to have an abundance of links to video sharing sites, helping you to get your message out. Videos, aka “book trailers” are one of the best ways to introduce your book to millions of readers worldwide.

Using this valuable guide book, you

  • learn how to plan, create and most important:
  • market your video, step for step explained in this new e-book.
  • Over 100 useful links help readers to find free photographs and graphics,
  • free music and top websites where you can upload your video and let it go viral.

You might have seen many movie trailers, but did you know that book trailers have the same success rate and that they have the potential to go viral? Video content in web pages / emails almost doubles visitor rates!!! You don’t need a Kindle to read “111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer”, just download the free Kindle app for your computer/laptop or your phone!



111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer  is FREE from December 25 – 29

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Stephen King’s “Riding the Bullet” for FREE


Stephen King’s “Riding the Bullet” Famous Novella From 2000 Is Still Available on the Web – For Free


100,000 ebook downloads in one day in 2011 vs 400,000 downloads in one day in 2000





Ebook Friendly originally shared this post:

Harper Collins shared the news they sold 100k ebooks on Christmas day. The number is stunning and I wonder how other publishers were doing.

A goal to achieve is 400,000 downloads in one single day.
It happened in… 2000. The short book was Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet. Interestingly, it’s still available on the web, for free, and it’s not coming from piracy sites. Somebody from Adobe just forgot to remove it… (funny!)

Get his book here


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