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How to Cultivate Professional Publishing ?




Authors are now often forced to hire their own editors – before even submitting their manuscripts for publication. Toronto literary agent Anne McDermid saw the landscape changing two years ago, when a publisher told her: “I cannot purchase a book (manuscript) for which I need to spend 40 hours editing. We are now advising our authors that the material they present has got to be closer to the final draft than it ever used to be.”

Sometimes the agents themselves act as pre-editors. The biggest-growing sector in Canadian publishing (and in other countries as well) is the freelance editor. With more than 1,600 members, the freelance-dominated Editors Association of Canada is “the largest membership organization in the Canadian arts community.

Along with booming self-publishing services that offer various levels of editing as value-added options, a cottage industry of independent contractors is quickly replacing the fabled tastemakers who once shaped literary destiny …

Read the whole article from Globe&Mail:



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Are You Looking For an e-Publisher?

e-book conversion

While some of the new e-publishing houses are excellent and are a great option to get a book published, others are simply looking to take advantage of unwary writers. Search for the right e-Publishing houses, those who are interested in your genre and those who are providing a good service to their authors – otherwise you are better off self-publishing.

Beside the genres the publishing house is interested in, ask them or find out on their website if they are offering the same services as traditional publishers, such as editing. Do they thoroughly edit books before publishing it. Does they have a cover artist who creates your book cover. Have a look at their former titles. How is their e-book formatting? Read some of their published e-books to see the formatting quality. Providing the ISBN
Number is a given for a publisher.  What are their submission rules?

Marketing and Social Media
How do they market the books they accept and how? Advertising, catalogues, professional websites, blogs? Does they have an affiliate program? To which newspapers and magazines do they pitch their publishing contingent for review and possible interviews? Do they regularly send out press releases?

Do they have a professional and frequently updated blog? Are they regularly on Google+, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook? Is their Website linked to any other on-line book club?

And where do they distribute their e-books? Can customers order and download books from their site? Which other retail outlets? Apple, Amazon, Sony, Barns&Noble?  Any Australian, European or Asian retailers?

How long have they been in business? This could be only two or three years, as e-readers and e-books are only really popular since 2007 / 2008.
Could you find any complaints about them when googling or at these websites:
Preditors and Editors
Writer Beware
Absolute Write

Terms and Conditions
For how long would you have to sign the publishing contract? What rights do you have to sign off and for which part of the world? USA ? North America? Europe? Australia? Asia? Only English rights or other languages as well? Are you signing off serial rights?
Do they pay any advance on royalties and how much? What royalties are paid to the author and are they from the retail price?  Most e-book publishers don’t pay advances on royalties. Should they ever ask YOU for any payments, run! In this case they are only masking as publishers, but are in reality a vanity firm or an off-shoot of a book publisher.

Ratings of e-publishing houses can be found on this very useful blog:

Other listings of e-book publishers (no ratings or endorsements)

International and US e-book publishers


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Writers Retreats USA in 2012

One of the main benefits of attending a writers retreat or conference is the opportunity to meet editors, agents, publishers and other writers.  Widening your circle of connections in the literary world can help you mark your own presence in that world, learn about the publishing industry, and how to get your book published.  Just a few of the many retreat offers:

Jackson Hole, WY, June 28 – 30, 2012

Program Description
Three manuscript critiques with authors & editors. Tracks for fiction, creative nonfiction, magazine, young adult, and poetry; workshops, talks & craft sessions.
Program Length 3 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio 4:1
Program Focus:  Children’s, Fiction, Journalism, Marketing, Mystery, Nature, Non-fiction, Poetry, Publishing, Travel, Young Adult
Costs:   Early bird $365


Mendocino Coast Writers Conference, July 26 – 28, 2012

Program Description
5 morning workshops with same presenter each day; large forum readings and discussions with editors, agents, & newly published authors; afternoon lecture sessions on craft.
Program Length 3 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio workshops 15:1
Program Focus:  Autobiography/Memoir, Children’s, Fiction, Journalism, Mystery, Non-fiction, Poetry, Publishing, Screenwriting, Young Adult
Faculty 13+ presenters. Includes authors, editors & literary agents.
Costs:   Earlybird $525. $60/consultation. Lodging $55-$250 & camping; hostel-like farmhouse $18-$25/night.

Squaw Valley, California  July, August 2012

Program Description
Morning workshops, afternoon panel discussions, individual conferences, craft lectures, staff readings
Program Length 7 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio 20-124
Program Focus:  Autobiography/Memoir, Fiction, Mystery, Nature, Non-fiction, Poetry and Screenwriting
Faculty 28 instructors for the Fiction Workshop, 5 for the Poetry Workshop, 8 for the Screenwriting Workshop.
Costs:   $840 includes 6 dinners. Shared (single) lodging in local houses & condos arranged for $350 ($550)/week; inexpensive bunk bed available.

Purchase, NY   June 25 – 29, 2012

Program Description
Five 3-hour morning workshops in a particular genre (Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry,Writing for Young Readers, Graphic Novel). Afternoons include special workshops, readings, session with editors & agents, and individual manuscript consultation.
Program Length 4-1/2 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio 80-100
Program Focus:  Autobiography/Memoir, Children’s, Fiction, Marketing, Non-fiction, Poetry, Publishing, Screenwriting, Young Adult
Costs:   $725 for the week. 2 graduate credits are also available for graduate tuition (extra fee).

Edmonds, WA, September 30 – October 2, 2011

Program Description
Focus is on the craft of writing. 4 sessions/day & a choice of 4 workshops/session; Saturday keynote, pre-conference workshops on Friday.
Program Length 2-1/2 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio Max 200
Program Focus:  Autobiography/Memoir, Business/Technical, Children’s, Fiction, Horror, Humor, Journalism, Marketing, Mystery, Non-fiction, Poetry, Publishing, Travel, Young Adult
Faculty:  30 additional presenters speaking on a variety of topics.
Costs:   $139/2 days ($116 early bird), $72/1 day. Pre-conference workshops $68, writing contest entry $10, manuscript critique $25, Keynote (open to the public) $16 adult/$10 student.


Santa Barbara, CA, June 9 – 14, 2012

Program Description
Daily AM & PM concurrent workshops & plenary sessions, evening speakers, panels, Advance
Submission with agents & editors, late-night pirate workshops.
Program Length 6 days
Group Size or S:T Ratio 200
Program Focus:  Autobiography/Memoir, Fiction, Humor, Journalism, Marketing, Mystery, Nature, Non-fiction, Playwriting, Poetry, Publishing, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Screen-writing, Travel,
Faculty: 30 daily faculty plus evening speakers
Costs   $625 includes barbecue, cocktail reception, awards banquet.


Corte Madera, CA, August 9 – 12, 2012

(Just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco)
Conference Coordinator: Kathryn Petrocelli
Phone: (800) 999-7909 ext 239

Geared to Food & Travel writers and photographers this Conference has an extraordinary, international reputation among publishers, editors, and writers. This four-day Conference offers an array of writing and photography workshops in the morning, a full afternoon of panels and discussions, and evening faculty presentations.
The faculty includes publishers, magazine editors, photographers, travel essayists, food writers, guidebook writers and more.


Key West, FL, every January

Program Description
4-day seminar includes readings, conversations, lectures, panel discussions. 4-day writers’ workshops feature AM writing sessions (limit 8-12/instructor) and PM individual consultations, talks, open readings.
Program Length Seminar: 4 days / Workshops: 4 days each
Group Size or S:T Ratio Seminar: 350-400 / Workshops: 12:1
Program Focus
Autobiography/Memoir, Children’s, Fiction, Humor, Journalism, Mystery, Nature, Non-fiction, Playwriting, Poetry, Publishing, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Screenwriting, Travel, Young Adult
Costs   Seminar $495; Workshops $450.

For a full list of writers retreats in the USA go to:



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