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How Can You Maximize Your Success on Amazon?

An author, having written more than 10 books, gives us the following tips to maximize the success of his work:

“First of all I signed up for the affiliate program on Amazon to be able to earn an additional 6,5% on my own books. Every link in every book I write should be an affiliate link. This way I can earn 6.5% or more of everything someone buys on Amazon after they use my link, and I make an extra $5 or $10  a day.
Amazon’ s affiliate program, called “Amazon Associates”,  can be found at the bottom of the page under “Make money with us.” 

When I upload a book to Amazon, I can choose 2 categories to put it in.  If I write five books, I have a total of 10 categories. Every successive ebook I write references to the 1st book via an html link inside and in the description. Each book after the first one should ONLY reference this first book, and all the successive books should go into new categories.  All my books point to one, my first.  So, when Amazon customers find my first one and order it., it goes up in the rankings. Because it’s up in the rankings, people buy more of the follow-up books. You need 7 books in total before you really see the first book hit.

More tips to boost your success on Amazon:



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FREE Amazon Kindle Books by J.A. Konrath


Only today:

FREE Amazon Kindle Books by J.A. Konrath


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Is Your eBook Sold Under $ 3.00 US?

If you have a book that is 3 dollars or less including free kindle, ebooks, .pdf or .doc offers,  list them here at Kindle Boards. Your readers will thank you for it!  It simply helps to streamline the process of finding the bargain books located here in the “The Book Bazaar”.

Due to the sheer difficulty of keeping pace with the books mentioned in this thread, if you would like your book added to the list, simply send a PM with the Kindleboards generated link to your book via the Link- Maker 2.0 as well as your book’s genre and price. Once the requested information is sent, your book will be added to the appropriate section in the list.,11400.0.html


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Are e-Books Really More Environmental-friendly?

Book and Kindle

Book and Kindle

More than 40% of all books ordered by book stores, big and small, are returned if they are not sold within weeks or a few months – an anachronistic, outdated sales model. These books go either to rummage tables at book sales and might find a buyer or they go directly to landfills. Same with magazines.  Not environmental-friendly? Read on:

“One eReader requires the extraction of 33 pounds of minerals. That includes trace amounts of exotic metals like columbite-tantalite, often mined in war-torn regions of Africa. But it’s mostly sand and gravel to build landfills; they hold all the waste from manufacturing wafer boards for the integrated circuits. An eReader also requires 79 gallons of water to produce its batteries and printed wiring boards, and in refining metals like the gold used in trace quantities in the circuits. A book made with recycled paper consumes about two-thirds of a pound of minerals. And it requires just 2 gallons of water to make the pulp slurry that is then pressed and heat-dried (lots of electricity) to make paper.”

Then there are other issues to compare: fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, health concerns, toxic impacts, reading costs, disposal etc.  See an article by Daniel Goleman and Gregory Norris,

After reading 40 to 50 books on your eReader, e-book reading is starting to become more environmental-friendly than book reading. But the most ecological way to read a book starts by WALKING to your local library.


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e-Books Deserve Better

Amazon Kindle DX

Why do e-books need professional editing and careful conversion?  And why do I have to close some e-books in disgust? Have a look at an email I just sent to a PCWorld writer:

“… Better advice your readers in self-publishing articles to get a professional editor, or at least an English language professional, to polish the text of their upcoming book.  Your advice to use a spelling check or friends, family to prepare a book for e-publishing is not a good one. These sloppy and careless “authors”, who want to go on the “cheap” are bringing e-books in disrepute!”

I sometimes start to read an e-book and delete it in the first five minutes, because it is so full of typos and so badly conversed. Professional e-book conversion and book design don’t cost much.

What do you think?



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