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Why It Pays to Compare eBook Prices

e-book Death by China

e-book Death by China

A year ago when digital editions were delayed by traditional publishers until after the release of hardcover versions and digital editions were sometimes priced higher than the paper version, readers of e-books have shown hostility to prices higher than the $9.99 set by and other online retailers for popular titles.

It was then, that price-comparing websites showed up to help book buyers find retailers with the lowest prices.  Lets have a look at a couple of these site for a book price comparison:
They compares prices from more than 30 sources. Searches can be conducted by title, author or keyword. You can narrow your search only to free e-books. This can be done by clicking a separate button next to the search box.
Luzme is as simple and user-friendly as Inkmesh, but shows results a bit slower. You can search books by author, title or ISBN. Type the author’s full name or the full title of the book to get most relevant results. The site doesn’t have that advanced search features, but it is a great way to compare prices and availability for readers in different countries. Buying options are split into two currency sections: British Pound and US Dollar.


“Death by China”: Confronting the Dragon A Global Call to Action by professor Peter W. Navarro Genre: Higher Education, Textbooks, International Economics
Description: “The world’s most populous nation and soon-to-be largest economy is rapidly turning into the planet’s most efficient assassin. Unscrupulous Chinese entrepreneurs are flooding world markets with lethal products. China’s perverse form of capitalism combines illegal mercantilist and protectionist weapons to pick off American industries, job by job. China’s emboldened military is racing towards …
COMPARISON:  February 18, 2012

Results at 

Kobo $19.79
Devices: iPhone, PC, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Android, iPad
Format: Kobo (Secure)

Diesel eBook Store $16.73
Devices: iPhone, Sony Reader, Nook, PC, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Android, iPad
Formats: ePub, Adobe Digital Editions PDF (Secure)

CourseSmart* $12.99
Devices: iPhone, PC, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Android, iPad
Formats: CourseSmart Download (Secure), Online Access
Save 10% more when you purchase 2+ eTextbooks. Use coupon code SAVE10BUY2

Amazon Kindle Store $ 11.69
Devices: Kindle, Kindle Fire, PC, with App on every other device
Formats: AZW, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, and PRC. HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP are usable through conversion.

*In case you haven’t heard about CourseSmart before: It is the world’s largest provider of digital course materials, their catalog includes over 90% of the core textbooks in use today in North American Higher Education as eTextbooks (the author of “Death by China”, Peter Navarro is a professor at the University of California).

Results on

Apple   $12.99  Today
Sony    $14.29  Today
Kobo    $16.19  Today
A search on brought no result for “Death by China”, but showed tons of other books written by the same author, Professor Peter Navarro.

As you can see, the prices for the e-book “Death by China” ranges from $16.73 to $ 11.69. Use both e-book search sites, and to get the best results – as both sites do not always show all possibilities and often neglect Amazon offers. Why?


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Economic Suicide – Good morning America

Wake up!
Hope you survived Black Friday and haven’t been hurt while shopping at this Chinese outlet (aka Wal-Mart) and found at least some Made-in-America items at the Small Business Saturday.
Start thinking!  
What many American, Canadian and European citizens don’t grasp is this: The flood of artificially cheap Chinese goods, putting America out of business has been a down payment on these countries present and future UNEMPLOYMENT. And unemployed people have less purchase power, meaning less business for retailers in the long run.

Still reading “Death by China” about the demise of our economy.  Why don’t we use our power as consumers, if the politicians are so stupid and ignore the long-term disastrous effects of outsourcing North American jobs?




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Death by China:
Confronting the Dragon – A Global Call to Action

[Kindle Edition] by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry.

To the authors: “Thank You for Writing this Book – You Might have Saved my Life”. This might sound pathetic, but I am really thankful to receive this wealth of information from the book.

I am not through the whole book yet, but “Death by China” has totally alerted me and it just confirmed my suspicions that I had since tainted pet food and baby products made the headlines.

Even more shocking than the deadly practices of Chinese manufacturers is the unwillingness of our FDA to test each item that is imported from China.

This book should be read by every bureaucrat and politician in our nation – and followed by action.  We really do not have to fear Iranian atom bombs – but rather drinking apple juice from China… also it is often not clearly labeled where the ingredients of some products come from. But if you read “packaged by…” and then an importers address somewhere in North America, you can be almost sure that it comes from China.

Are we in North America not able to harvest apples, or manufacture kitchen appliances and clothing anymore? Why do we let China rule our lives, take over our jobs and then poison us with their cheap and tainted food? Not to mention that they are already financing us – and one day ruin our economy when raising their low prices – and they will!

You have been warned, and here is the proof!  It is not the first book on China’s practices, but it is the one that shows clearly and proofs how our everyday shopping decisions are endangering our health and what to avoid buying.

Give this book to every person you care about.


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