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Appealing Book Cover

Or: How to Sell More Books

Rule # 1 for your book cover at Amazon is NEVER to use a white background! White on white is barely visible and your book will not stick out, especially when you chose to have the text in black.  Your book cover should be:

– be aesthetically appealing
– appeal to the book’s intended audience
– represent the book’s contents

– use a clean, readable font
– use bold or complementary colors
– use light on dark for dramatic effects
– visit a bookstore to research book cover designs
– test the cover in thumbnail size to make sure it looks good at Amazon’s website



An appealing book cover can be done through the use software, such as bookcoverpro, if you are computer-savvy and creative / artsy or hire a professional at Freelancer or Elance or just get in touch with your local college / graphic design class to find a young and eager cover artist.



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