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Author Beware!

Found on the Internet: Angry POD customers

“I reply on this ‘publishers’ sponsored site !!! The only thing you will get from AH is the book printed, for this you will pay a great deal of money for publishing, which will not happen. In fact as soon as you have paid your money you will be told to sell the book yourself. When you pay people to Publish that is what they should do. It is the publishers responsibility to ensure the book is shown to the right audience group. AH do not do this!”

“Once you sign their complicated multi page contract they then allow other outlets to print and sell your book , and you have no control over this. If you are an author which only sells less that 50 copies, [94% of books] then you may think that is fine, if you have a good book which is appealing and in demand then AH still make the money,[or their nominated agents.] and this continues as long as the book sells.”

“I cancelled my contract with AH nearly 2 years ago. Copies of my book are still being sold at outlets in the world and the profit is still going to them. When I queried this I was informed that it is allowable in the contract !. I told AH that when you enter into a contract you dont expect to be cheated by slick and underhand wording hidden in a contract, but that is exactly what happens.”

“I have re published my book myself and now have a ‘bone fide ‘ publisher who pays me for publishing my book. Believe me – do not trust AH, they are there to scam you and they hide this fact in ‘contract jargon’. If you have a genuine complaint then do not bring it to an authorised AH site, where they set up stooges to say what AH want them to say. Go to other genuine comsumer sites who are unbiased and non manipulative. There is a huge movement out there which is gaining much momentum against what is percieved as a scam by AH. Get your facts right and join them.”

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Peter Bowerman wrote a great article about POD’S



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