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Why Sell Your e-Books on GoodReads?

Members of this large online book community of insatiable readers and authors, can sell their e-books GoodReads website.
But allows you only to upload books for sale in e-Pub format.  “The GoodReads Author Program is a completely free feature designed to help authors reach their target audience – passionate readers. This is the perfect place for new and established authors to promote their books.”

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First, you must obviously join GoodReads and complete your profile. Next, sign up as an author and input your titles. These will be listed on your dashboard and beside each book is “Add ebook.”  Click on it to start moving through the simple process of selecting how you wish to be paid, choosing the e-Pub file to upload, selecting a price or opting to make the title free.

Your e-book will be available for purchase pretty fast. e-Pub books can be read online and on any e-reader that is compatible with e-Pub titles – for example, Kobo, Nook and Sony e-Readers.  As an author, it makes sense to position your books where book-lovers, hang out together …

A GoodReads member relates: “I’ve been a member of GoodReads, the social networking site for people who love to read, for more than a year now.  What I like about the site is you can list the books you have read, give a brief overview and your opinion about the book and share it with your social networking friends in other networks including Facebook and Twitter.  One of the coolest features is, if a friend is reading a book and you like the review, you can click on the book and it will be linked to Amazon where you can purchase the book.

I like that you can keep track of the books you read too. You can list them under “to read,” “read”  or “reading.” Since I review a lot of social networking books and love to read business and marketing books, I had plenty on my list.  When I typed in the name of the book, the book came up and was placed in my shelf.  I joined three book groups so that I can get involved in the discussions and meet others who have the same interests as I have.

If you love to read any type of book, you should consider joining Goodreads. I prefer GoodReads to Facebook.”



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