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2013 and Beyond: Social Media Future




Social Media Predictions 

Cheryl Burgess interviewed Social Media leaders and wrote a great post how small businesses, and I will add: including self-publishers, benefit from Social Media and how to use it. Here are some of the expert voices:

“Content will rise to the occasion in the vast sea of social media.”
Which means: don’t bore your readers with follow/un-follow statistics or with the same old
repetitions to buy your book – rather post interesting news or facts for them!

“…realize that social media is also very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Companies will begin to understand that social content, and SEO are linked and more
integrated than ever.”
This is especially true for Google+. Your posts there go directly into Google’s search
engines (ranking).

“… small businesses will realize they either get on that bus or they’ll be waving goodbye to
the opportunity to be in front of people … and some, if not all, of their business.”
Writers who are asking “why should I be on Social Media?”, could also ask “why should I
promote and sell my book?” See a recent blog post on this this.

“Small businesses around the globe will learn valuable photo and video-editing skills to help
drive their social media marketing efforts”.
Get “111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer” to prepare for this:


“Finally, the coming year will see a greater integration of social media into all marketing
practices so it becomes a part of a small business’ way of doing business.”

Read the whole article about Social Media’s future.




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