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How to Get More Followers on Your Social Media Sites



Joining Goodreads, Twitter, Google+, Facebook or Pinterest is only the first step in creating a community platform. To make these sites working for you is only possible if you have lots of followers, friends or people in your Google+ circles.

Don’t be a Tweep with a pathetic following of less than 100 people. And don’t sign up with only one or two Social Media sites. Take advantage of the great possibilities of sharing among all these sites. It is almost the same “work” if you are on one site, compared to having a presence on six or eight sites through the help of plug-ins and sharing buttons, as outlined in former blog posts.  So can visitors on your Goodreads page click on the Google+ or the Facebook icon and send a message about you and your book to thousands of their followers. Google+ then sends the message automatically to Twitter. To have lots of Twitter followers is beneficial for your Goodreads presence, as you can transfer Twitter followers with one click over to Goodreads!

More followers also means people assume you are someone interesting or an expert. It extends your popularity, influence and more book sales.

No matter which sites you join, create an attractive profile, complete with an avatar that shows a favorable and professional portrait and a solid bio. Often people will read your bio before deciding whether to follow you. If you own a company and want to use your brand as your avatar instead of a photograph, this is fine. You have to create your profile only once, and then copy and paste into every new Social Media sites you join.

Let’s start with TWITTER
Display links to your Twitter account in your email signature, your blog or website, business cards, on other social media sites —everywhere.

Re-tweeting your followers is a non-brain-er. Be generous in linking and re-tweeting others. You do not have to sit all day long on your computer to do this. Check tweets once a day and pack interesting ones into, who will spread them throughout the day.

Share only valuable content. Be generous, inspiring, entertaining, provide useful links. Provide content that people are proud to provide to their own followers.

To actively increase the amount of followers:

  • Use the search function to find like-minded Tweeps, e.g. type: reader, reading, book lovers
  • Type into the search function words with hash tags #amreading or #GoodReads
  • Check out suggestions: Who to follow on your left bar of your Twitter page
  • See who other Tweeps are following or who is following them

Using hash tags # is another way to connect to people with similar interests and to increase the visibility of your tweets. Add hash tags to your tweets and also create tweets based on hash tags that are popular on Twitter at the time (you can see these as “trends” on the left-hand side of your Twitter home page).

Don’t buy followers.
There are many offers, however, this is contrary to Twitter Rules. These artificial followers who have no affinity for you,  won’t ever re-tweet you or buy your book, mostly they are not even real people

Un-follow people who haven’t followed you back after a while.
This is especially important to avoid “follow limits”. The first limit at Twitter you might hit, is when you have followed 2,000 people. You won’t be able to follow any more until you have 2,000 followers. So remove your non-followers, using or – but don’t use their really annoying feature that tweets on your page: “Got 5 followers and 9 un-followers”. This is not only an absolutely useless tweet, but makes you at the same time a free advertiser for them!

Paid services, e.g. Tweet Adder or Hootsuite, offer to automate Tweet posts throughout the day (after you have scheduled them), to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace, create unique tweets automatically or send a thank-you messages to your new followers. Once you have reached 2,000 followers, there is no further limit  and you will see an increase in high-volume and more quality follower offers.

The next post will introduce readers how to find more friends and followers on Goodreads and Google+. Stay tuned! Click on the tiny Follow button on top of this blog page to get notified of new posts.

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Authors: Have You Read This?



From useful blogs and articles I found on the Internet:

iBookstore now in 17 Latin-American countries
Christian Zibreg wrote in
“Apple has rolled out paid iBookstore content in a slew of new countries. Paid electronic books first surfaced this morning over in the New Zealand iBookstore, but subsequent reports confirmed that paid content is now live – or in the process of going live – in as much as seventeen Latin American markets such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela.”
One more reason to sell your books on Apple’s iPad.

Sad News: will shut down on November 16th started as a fun side project back in 2010. Since then it has grown to help tens of thousands of people publish millions of Tweets and Facebook updates. Starting November 16th you will no longer be able to access your account.
They explained:
“When we launched Timely almost 2 years ago there were no other tools that would automatically figure out the best time for a Tweet to go out. Thankfully there are some great alternatives today such as Buffer or Hootsuite.”
Well, not as conveniently and easy to use as Timely was… I will miss it.

Book Blogger Directory
The Book Blogger Directory is a comprehensive listing of Book Blogs, separated by genre and listed alphabetically. The goal of the Book Blogger Directory is to not only to organize book blogs for users to easily find your blog, it is also there to create a link exchange for search engine optimization. Their mission: To cross promote book bloggers, provide listings by genre and increase links to increase page rank. The benefits of listing on the Book Blogger Directory:  As cross promotion occurs from one blog to the next, your Google Page Rank can increase, higher Google Page Rank means higher search engine rankings!  Higher keyword saturation on the Directory can have your listing show up on search engines.

Requirements to be on the Book Blogger Directory:
Your blog is primarily used to talk about books (8 out of 10 posts are book related). The Book Blogger Directory will not search out book blogs, it is up to users to enter their listings


Google+ (Author) Pages FREE
What more can you wish for? An authors pages that tremendously increases your Search Engine Optimization! A great tool no one should omit, at least not if you want to sell more books…

Google explains: “Differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles

  • Pages are extremely similar to profiles, but they have some key differences:
  • Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people.
  • Pages can have multiple administrators.
  • The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public.
  • Local pages have special fields that help people find the business’ physical location.
  • Pages have the +1 button.
  • Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web. (But like profiles, they can +1 inside Google+.)
  • Pages can’t play games.
  • Pages don’t have the option to share to ‘Extended circles’.
  • Pages can’t hangout on a mobile device.
  • Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned.”




If you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to check out all previous posts of this blog (there are almost 570 of them : ) if you haven’t already. Why not sign up to receive them regularly by email? Just click on “Follow” in the upper line on each page – and then on “LIKE” next to it. There is also the “SHARE” button underneath each article where you can submit the article to Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and StumpleUpon.

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Do You Use Social Book Marking / Sharing Plug-ins?

Social Book Marking

Would you like to have SEVEN times! more people read your blog or visit your website?
Yes?  So, how do you get folks to share your posts or website content online?  Make it easy for them to share what you have written with their social networks, so that others can discover your content – and forward it to their followers and friends, and these also forward it to their friends and followers …. You get the idea!

The best way to start this process is to include click-able buttons to offer the idea of sharing front and center, and make it incredibly simple for your readers to post your link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social networks.
Some Social Book Marking Plug-ins even measure your content’s impact across social streams by displaying traffic and audience data generated from sharing tools, search, Facebook Like buttons, Tweet buttons, browser address bar sharing and more places.  Learn which social networks, geographies and influencers drive the most sharing for you.

See the best 10 Social Sharing Plug-ins on Web Designer Depot’s site:

WordPress Users
Add Twitter, Facebook Like, Google+ Social share… This WordPress plugin for Twitter, Facebook, Google +1 (plus one) and other social shares can add the share box before post contents, after and also floating on the left side of your post. Display all popular social sharing buttons including a counter, such as Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, Reddit, dZone, TweetMeme, Topsy, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon,, Sphinn, Designbump, WebBlend, BlogEngage and Serpd, Pinterest.

Visitors, who find your blog content valuable, can link it with one click to their Google+, Twitter and Facebook site.  Very easy for your visitors: They do not need to write the post manually – and for you it is a great publicity! Your post might even go viral!

Download it for free.
How to install it on your blog can be found on their WordPress site or use Digg Digg, which is one of the most popular sharing plug-ins for WordPress blogs with over 330,000 downloads to date. It adds a nice floating bar to your blog:

Those are not the only ones: there are many Social Bookmarking options available for WordPress. The idea is to find the plugin that best fits into the theme and style of your site.  “Share this” for sample is an unobtrusive way for your visitors to post your site content to various social bookmarking sites, or send a link via e-mail & other communication channels (like Facebook and MySpace) to a friend.

Adding a floating sharing bar with Digg Digg, just like Mashable does for example, can have a huge impact for any blog.  Some great research from BrightEdge showed that more visible sharing buttons will increase the number of shares your posts get. This might seem quite obvious. Yet the real impact is easily underestimated. Get your site more exposure and traffic: an info graphic shows that blogs and websites with a Twitter button, will get 7 times more shares than sites without! 




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