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Claire Bullimore: Brain Tumor’s Travel Tale




Claire Bullimore was diagnosed with a intraventricular meningioma, in other words a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit at the age of 25.  After her own battle, Claire set up a free supportive social network called “Aunty M Brain Tumours”

It is for individuals and families affected by a brain tumor. She uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and WordPress

It is not always easy for a person from the outside to see what is really happening to someone affected by a traumatic experience as such as this. The book shows the true emotion of a person dealing with the hardships of a brain tumor  surgery, recovery and then the scars inside and out.

Written as a series of diary entries you will feel like you are there, going through the journey. There is love, friendship and courage – you will cry, laugh, find out things you did not know before. This book can help families and friends or even outsiders to see what a brain tumor survivor really wants you to know.

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