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Bookstores to Sell Kindle and Amazon Books???

My first thought was: A joke!  But no, Amazon offers bookstores to sell Kindle e-Readers and to participate in e-book sales – copying Kobo’s entry into the Indie book store market. Amazon calls it: “The Best of Both Worlds: Now your customers don’t have to choose between e-books and their favorite book store.” Jeremy Greenfield, wrote: “Today, Amazon has offered an olive branch in the form of a business opportunity to indie booksellers.”  Read his story at



Harsh Words Came from
“Amazon Has A Plan To Get Indie Bookstores To Kill Themselves” – which they explained: “Once a customer is on the Kindle platform, odds are they’re going to buy fewer physical books, thus killing the Indie bookstore. In essence, Amazon is telling these companies to on-board customers to a digital platform that will destroy their business. We suppose 10% of revenue is better than nothing, but this seems like a suicide mission for any bookstore that signs up.”
. writes: “Amazon has not been seen as a fast friend of the brick-and-mortar bookstore business….” and Tim Carmody, writer at mused: “I have often wondered if an independent bookstore could sell their usual selection of paper books but also sell Kindle books to those who wanted them.”  And my own first reaction was: Most bookstores refused to carry author-published books – and now authors come into bookstores through the “back door” thanks to Amazon?

Amazon’s Press Release

“Independent Bookstores Can Now Sell Kindles and Earn 10% from Future Kindle Books Sold
Amazon Source makes it easy for independent bookstores and small retailers to earn additional revenue by selling Kindles.

Booksellers can receive 10% of the price of Kindle books purchased from the devices they sell. The first order is worry-free for retailers—Amazon will buy back the inventory for up to six months after the first order, no questions and no penalties.

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 6, 2013– (NASDAQ:AMZN)— today introduced Amazon Source, a new program that enables independent bookstores and other retailers to sell Kindle devices and accessories, and earn money while doing so. In addition to a discount on purchasing Kindles and Kindle accessories for resale, retailers will have the option of receiving 10% of every Kindle book purchased on Kindle devices sold by the bookstore for the first two years after a customer buys a device. Learn more at”

What are YOUR thoughts on this?




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