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Nina Amir on How to Market Your Book

Andy Ross, Literary Agent, interviewed Nina Amir – and I couldn’t have said it better : )

Promoting your Book
“For some reason, aspiring and published authors seem to cling to the outdated idea that a publisher will do the hard work of promoting their book for them. That’s why writers often want to become traditionally published. But that’s not a good reason to pursue this publishing route. If you want your book to succeed, you will have to do the same amount of work to promote your book whether you self-publish or traditionally publish.”

Blog a Book
“Well, you can blog a book. Many bloggers with huge readerships have landed book deals because they unwittingly test marketed an idea for a book. Later, an agent or acquisitions editor saw the potential for a book based on the material in the blog.”

Read this interesting interview on Andy Ross’ website.



Ask the Agent

nina1-150x150Today we are going to interview Nina Amir who  will offer us  some tips on how to market your book on the  Internet.  Nina is  a writing  coach who motivates writers to  create   publishable  books and  to enhance their  careers as authors.

She is the  author of the bestselling How to Blog a Book: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books). She is also a  nonfiction editor, proposal consultant, author, and blog-to-book coach with more than 34 years of experience in the publishing field. She is the founder of “Write Nonfiction in November”, aka National Nonfiction Writing Month. Her new book, The Author Training Manual, 9 Steps to Prepare You and Your Book Idea for Publishing Success (Writer’s Digest Books) will be released in February 2014.  You can get a free strategy session with Nina on blogging, blogging a book, writing a book…

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How Can You Maximize Your Success on Amazon?

An author, having written more than 10 books, gives us the following tips to maximize the success of his work:

“First of all I signed up for the affiliate program on Amazon to be able to earn an additional 6,5% on my own books. Every link in every book I write should be an affiliate link. This way I can earn 6.5% or more of everything someone buys on Amazon after they use my link, and I make an extra $5 or $10  a day.
Amazon’ s affiliate program, called “Amazon Associates”,  can be found at the bottom of the page under “Make money with us.” 

When I upload a book to Amazon, I can choose 2 categories to put it in.  If I write five books, I have a total of 10 categories. Every successive ebook I write references to the 1st book via an html link inside and in the description. Each book after the first one should ONLY reference this first book, and all the successive books should go into new categories.  All my books point to one, my first.  So, when Amazon customers find my first one and order it., it goes up in the rankings. Because it’s up in the rankings, people buy more of the follow-up books. You need 7 books in total before you really see the first book hit.

More tips to boost your success on Amazon:



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