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Find Out Where Readers and Writers Meet

Photo Nasrin Mohebbian

Photo Nasrin Mohebbian

Reader / Writer Forums and Social Media Networking have one thing in common: It takes a while until you are recognized as an author and have become household name, maybe a couple o months or even a year or longer. It depends on how active you are in these places.

So, start early, before or while you are writing on your book. In fact, forums can help you not only with promotion, but with Beta readings and objective critique during your writing process. Give your (future) book even more exposure and participate in as many literary forums as you can find. Not to spam them with your book titles, mind you, but to participate in discussions, to find Beta Readers, critique groups, to learn from others and to offer your book for discussions.

Here are some of the popular Forums:

See what for sample the “World Literary Cafe”  offers:

Free promotions for authors
Ongoing exposure is a must if you want to increase your book sales. On a tight budget? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Check out our free promotions. Due to the extraordinary interest in our free promotions, there may be a waiting period for certain programs.

Free e-Book Friday
Every Friday we give away 2 free ebooks to WLC members. Want to gain free exposure? This is a great program.

Author Spotlight
Get front page exposure on WLC with a fun and thought provoking Author Spotlight interview.

Character Spotlight
Give your readers something new–Let your characters speak to the readers in this interactive interview.

Stop tweeting your own horn! We’ll tweet your book.

There is even more:
Forums, Critique Groups, Reader Contacts…

Learn about a variety of reader’s perspectives; get 24 hour access and ease of communication. And yes, give your book suggestions. Important: Don’t forget to always have your email signature and website link and if possible an image of your book title in each of your posts.



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