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How to Slice Your Book into Pieces


…. and sell each separately

This advise was given to me by a very successful writer.  Here in a nutshell his ideas:  Think of your writing like you bake a cake. And what do bakeries and confiseries  do with a cake? They divide it into tiny slices and sell each piece separately.

In your case, your book is like the cake and has a secret ingredient that is called “Copyright.”  Every story you write, every novel, is a cake full of copyright.

You can sell parts of it to:

  • one publisher
  • other parts to another publisher
  • some parts to overseas markets
  • other parts to audio
  • others as e-Books or Singles
  • to game companies
  • maybe to Hollywood’s film industry
  • or to web publishers …

The list goes on and on and on. But what you need to do:

  • learn all about copyright to really understand this
  • each piece can be a cash stream for you
  • you don’t even have to have the same name to use, get a pen name or even several

Each story, each novel is a piece of your writing business. If you spread them out over a number of names you have a pretty consistent cash flow streams working. You just need to offer them to people who will buy them.

For example:
You sold German Translation Rights, and your contract with the German publisher limited your book to trade paper only. Now you can sell:

  • German hardback rights
  • German audio rights
  • German mass market rights
  • German film rights

Your German publisher will have advances like your Canadian or American publisher, and there will be royalties. And then comes your Spanish sale. Your Russian. Your Italian. And so on and so on. Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of your work can be sold. Each piece is a cash stream. You just need to sell it. You create the inventory, your book, just once, but you can sell it for your entire life and your heirs can keep selling these pieces for seventy years past your death.



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