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The Most Valuable Book Marketing Help You Can Get !


Book_Staple“Nobody ever made money writing a book – only by selling it” 

More than 1,000 blog posts with valuable advice for writers you enjoyed so far here on this site.  Now I am offering individual one-on-one Book Marketing Training for authors – wherever you are worldwide.

Nowadays literary agents and publishers ask a potential author “what is your platform” or “what are your plans for marketing your book?” During the last years publishing books has totally changed.

Not every writer has the time / money to travel and attend writers’ conferences and there are only very few of them that offer lectures with the topic of book marketing and promotion.  We can help authors:  Individual training and customized marketing consultations for your book at an amazing offer!!!

Register now to get started on your road to success:


Sign up NOW for this extensive training / consulting package:

    • Three hours of one-on-one Book Marketing Online Seminar phone-consultations
    • Unlimited book marketing consultations by email for up to three months
    • Unlimited social media help by email for up to three months
    • Instructions / Checklist / Hundreds of links for you to use for your free book promotions
    • Free e-book: “Book Marketing on a Shoestring” launch in January 2013
    • Blog post including cover image/author bio/book description on both, blog and our websites
    • NEW: Author interview on our blog website (105,000 visitors so far, 500+ subscribers)
    • NEW: “Book of the Month” recommendation major book lover sites
    • NEW: We will advertise on your KDP Select FREE days your book intensively
      … Plus one surprise gift we will reveal once you sign up!

Writers need to build their own platforms, identify their own demographics, and find their own market share – even if they are with a traditional publishing house! The profession has changed tremendously and writers need to adapt in order to succeed. Questions about this online book marketing training? Just email!

These could be topics you will want to learn about:

  • Identify your target readers and their demographic
  • Find out how to reach these readers online and off-line
  • Get tips & tricks how to use social media
  • Create your own brand and your platform
  • Choose the type of publishing that is right for you
  • Navigate the pre-publishing process
  • Create titles that soar, find an agent or get a book distributor
  • Learn about printing options or discover the “how-to” of foreign rights use
  • How not get duped by POD’s / Aggregators & others who want your money
  • Market and publicize your book successfully on a budget
  • Leverage the content of your book into other markets
  • Prepare your next bestseller & find free book publishing funding sources
  • …..and most important: your own list of questions, we will help you with.Our online seminar consists of 3 parts:
    1. one-on-one consultations / coaching from publishing basics to book launch to campaigns
    2. writing articles and an interview /introducing the author and the book
    3. actively promoting the book and our authors’ content, such as articles / blogs / posts / tweets through our extensive social media network, newsletters, reader communities etc.

    Online Seminar: Publishing Consulting & Book Marketing Help:

    Online Seminar / Consulting

    ·         Unlimited book marketing consultations by email for up to three months

    ·         Unlimited social media one-on-one instructions for up to three months

    ·         Article to introduce your book to readers

    ·         Three hours of one-on-one Book Marketing Online Seminar phone-consultations

    ·         Instructions / checklist / links for you to use for your book promotions

    ·         Author interview on our blog website – this article stays there forever!

    ·         Free e-book for you: “Book Marketing on a Shoestring” launch Spring 2014

    ·         Plus one surprise gift we will reveal once you signed up!

    Marketing of your book

    ·         Introduction of your books on dozens of reader communities with a 50,000+ audience

    ·         Advertising of your  book on free days /promotions to over 400.000+ readers

    ·         Blog posts including cover image/author bio/books description

    ·         “Book of the Month” individual emails to almost 3,000 readers on Goodreads etc.

    ·         Book posts/tweets/ads several times/week for 3 months on all sites to more than 500.000+ readers

    Once we get to know our clients’ publishing and marketing activities, their social media presence and their goals and future publishing plans through answering our questionnaire, we then start from ground up with our coaching by phone/Skype, by email & even sometimes in personal meetings or seminars.

    Most important for promoting your book campaigns is a well-known partner with an extensive outreach to book lovers and readers / reviewers communities. 

    With us, your book get’s tremendous exposure: Our blog has had now more than 400,000 readers in the last two years, over 1,800 subscribers, and on 3 Twitter accounts we have more than 40.000 followers, in our Google+ circles are 5,000 people.  On our Goodreads page we have more than 2,900 friends, plus Pinterest, Facebook with two accounts, StumpleUpon, our website… and some more … and it’s growing from day to day!

The blog article about your book will be posted several times / week for 3 months individually to all major Social Media sites/

Speaking about your book, publicizing it, promoting it, can be the most exciting, fulfilling part of the adventure – if you know what you’re doing.


And here is how it works:

  • 1. Step: Click on “Sign up” for this Book Marketing Training
    2. Step: Send us your online book sales page link, synopsis of your book & to whom you want to sell it
    3. Step: We will buy your book, read it and …. (surprise)
    4. Step: Write your list of questions and give us the best time for an initial consultation
    5. Step: Two or three phone consultations (for a total of three hours)
    6. Step: You implement the first steps & we will have more consultations via phone & email
    7. Step: You will receive our new e-book & an individual to-do lists for further book marketing
    8. Step: The article about your book will intensively be distributed via Internet
    9. Step: You will be interviewed and this article will be well publicized
    10. Step We will heavily advertise your book on KDP Select FREE days
    11. Step: Your book will be “Book of the Week” as recommendation on a major book lover site


See what authors posted on Twitter about the valuable advice:

From @DeborahDolen:
to @111publishing “Well, you tweet such helpful author tips it is unreal. You are the best on Twitter to help any author. Period.”

Keith Nixon @knntom:
Go to for lots of excellent writing tips from Doris-Maria

Links to publishers and agents ~ typical of the treasures from @111publishing ~

Gary Henry @LiteraryGary
@111publishing You’re welcome. I appreciate your retweets, and terrific blog posts.

I truly find @111publishing [s] Tweets one of my most valuable follows. If there was a “quality” award
@111publishing would get it!

Lawrence Winkler
Doris Thank you so much. You are amazing, so helpful to all of us who are starting down the road of self-publishing. I just printed that blog post off this morning and will start to act on it today. You are an inspiration.
Thanks again for everything.

@111publishing Thanks, Doris-Maria Heilman, woman of many talents!
Paula Cappa

Thanks for following. I love your posts! So helpful. Far better than the others out there.


  • ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS!  And don’t forget to tell your fellow writers about this learning opportunity and marketing help, thanks. Register now to get started:





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65 Top Websites to Announce Your Book for FREE


For your book to sell, you need to create the demand. You need an audience, a platform – which you will get when your book is showing up on many websites and forums, visible to readers. Make it a habit to submit your book to at least 2-3 websites a day.  Don’t forget to post links to them on Google+, Twitter, FB, Tumblr, StumpleUpon, LinkedIn,, Pinterest … whatever social media you are signed up.  In one month you will have your book on all of these listed sites and you will see a difference in sales:
1. Goodreads
Use your free membership to promote yourself and your books. Reviews are essential and reviews on Goodreads site help your book to really stand out to millions of visitors.

2. Wattpad
Wattpad has experienced explosive growth since its inception and has become the world’s most popular destination to publish and read e-books. Wattpad delivers billions of pages from its library of works created and published by the Wattpad community.

3. On BookTalk
You’ll find an online reading group and book discussion forum that can help you discover new books. If you’re an author or publisher looking to promote your books, you are welcome to use as a tool to reach a vast audience of book lovers. They have a Google Page Rank of 5, over 14,000 members and close to 700,000 site views per month. Book discussion forums are free and open to anyone including authors and publishers. Create a free account and write about your books in either the Fiction Book Forum or Non-Fiction Book Forum. Mail a few copies of your print book and it will be advertised. They will advertise your book on the Home page for 15 to 30 days and on the Featured Book Suggestions page permanently.”

4. And then, there is another Booktalk is an online booklovers’ community composed of many of today’s bestselling and popular authors. Personalized author home pages contain excerpts from bestselling novels as well as information about upcoming releases, author notes and personal hobbies and interests as well as publisher, literary agent and book industry information. Writing related articles by Booktalk authors and others in the writing community and upcoming literary events are also included.

5. KindleBoards
Authors are always welcome to post about their books in the Book Bazaar.

6. Library Thing
Social networking site and forum for book lovers. Free profile where each book contains tags, reviews and links to conversations about the book.

7. Shelfari
Enables you to build a virtual book shelf, that include book reviews from Amazon and to interact with your Shelfari community.

8. Authonomy
Features weekly top rated books, top talent spotters. You can join the forum, upload books and post reviews.

9. WritersNet
List yourself at this writers and authors directory, sorted by genre or location. Various resources for writers, agents and publishers.

10. Bibliophil
Forum about books. Offers: profile with books appearing in signature, list of favorite and wished books.

11. Booksie
Share Your Poems, Short Stories, Novels, and more with the world. Sign up, it’s free.

12. BookBrowse
Selected book listing, authors interviews, link to authors’ website; Reviewed by humans, not all books accepted, check submission guidelines.

13. Nothing Binding
Upload and manage your book cover image & book promotion materials. Showcase your work for free: writings, books, articles, short stories, essays, poems and more.

14. Book Buzzr
Has a 30 days free trial listing and a paid listing with monthly payment of under $5.

15. Filed By
Kind of “Twitter” for authors , platform for books, have your own author site, post short blogs.

16. Bookhitch
Free Listing : a 60 words description and 5 keywords per book. Premium listing : $19.95/year – 120 words description and space for book reviews.

17. Jacket Flap
For children books only. Directory of children books, publishers and professionals related to children book publishing. You can create your own profile to add your book and blog for free.

18. Scribd
Find out what others are reading on Scribd. This service is somewhat comparable with Wattpad. Authors upload their PDF, Word, and PowerPoint docs to share them with the world’s largest community of readers.

19. WhoWroteWhat
Authors can advertise free for thirty days. Submit a portrait photo (jpg), up to fifty words inviting readers to your website and your URL where your book(s) are for sale. After thirty days it is as low as 27 cents a day.

20. BlackCaviar Book Club
A FREE promotional platform and connection hotspot for authors of most genres to get added book exposure. Our “Authors Billboard” gives you the tools to engage with avid book readers in our “Readers Lounge.”  Upload pictures, book and author trailers, place book blurbs, summaries and reply to comments and reviews..

21. Bookreportradio
A lively mix of author interviews, audio book previews and chats with those influential in the literary world, The Book Report has become appointment listening for bibliophiles and book clubs alike.

22. Tim Greaton Forum
Tim Greaton is presenting the most talented authors & artists, living and working in our world today.

23. Figment
Figment is a community where you can share your writing, connect with other people who love to read, and discover new stories and authors. (In a nutshell.) Figment was co-founded by Dana Goodyear, a staff writer at The New Yorker, and Jacob Lewis, the former Managing Editor at The New Yorker and Condé Nast Portfolio.
24. Bowker
You may know Bowker from ordering your ISBN numbers, but they are also the provider for Books In Print and Global Books In Print that contain listings of bibliographical information for international titles available in the USA or internationally.  In addition, Bowker sells its products worldwide to retailers and libraries, so your titles are exposed to many facets of the book industry through a single web application including inventory status checks, library catalogue information, and sales data reporting. Your data is circulated to all of these customers free of charge. To market you book successfully worldwide you need to have it listed worldwide!

25. WorldLiteraryCafe
 Where Readers and Writers unite! On-going exposure is a must if you want to increase book sales. On a tight budget? No worries! Check out their free promotions.


More FREE (e)-book listings:

Send the cover image and short book description:
for a monthly competition of the best cover design submit the book title image and a description of your work

It is the most obvious… I should have put it as number one… Sign up with Google+ social media site. Once your books website and the cover image are submitted to Google+, it will soar in Google’s search engine. Join circles and build your own ones (keywords: reading, book lover, writing, novel, fiction etc.)
Post an image of your book cover every day, along with various keyword-rich titles and descriptions.

Book Reviewers & Blogs

Book Reviewers, such as Laurie Nolde, almost always post an image and description of your book on their site. Try to find as many reviewers and bloggers as possible to show an image/review of your book, once they have read it.  Be patient, as some are booked out for months. or

Last but not least:  Take advantage of Amazon’s generous author website offer and fill it with lots of content such as an extensive description of your book, your author bio, blurbs and reviews, videos, book trailer etc. The same can be posted at all of your online retailers: Barnes & Noble, Kobo and in Canada Chapters Indigo.


If you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to check out previous posts (there are almost 500 of them : ) if you haven’t already. Why not sign up to receive them regularly by email? Just click on “Follow” in the upper line – and then on “Like” next to it.

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58 Top Websites to Announce Your Book for FREE



You might have read and saved my list of 52 websites to announce your book for FREE

There are six more pages to which you can submit the cover image of your book and / or the description, author bio and a link to your book trailer:

To submit a cover image of your book including a description/link go to – if it is an outstanding and creative book cover:

See also an extensive list of video sharing sites in my upcoming book:
“111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer” which will be available on Amazon beginning of August.
Upload your trailer not only on your website and blog, on Amazon, Google+ and FB, but also on more than twenty major sharing sites, starting with YouTube and TubeMogul.  Add a link to each of them to your website or wherever your book is sold.

If you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to check out previous posts (there are almost 500 of them : ) if you haven’t already. Why not sign up to receive them regularly by email? Just click on “Follow” in the upper line on each page – and then on “Like” next to it.

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