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Giving Speeches Helps Selling Books

Writers tend to be shy types, happy to hole up in basement offices, remote cabins or messy dens, turning down social invitations in favor of a computer and lots of coffee (or whiskey: ) Why on earth should they speak publicly?

How speaking can help your writing career:

  • You will sell more books after your talk. Attending a writer’s conference as a speaker / expert is much better than attending as a participant. You get instant credibility, even before your work is examined.
  • The more you speak, the better you get, and the better your speaking resume gets – the more writers’ conferences you will be invited to speak at.  Speakers are looked upon as subject matter experts, even if they aren’t.  Plus, you get to sit at the editors and agents’ table!
  • Speaking enhances your author’s brand and extends the efforts you make through social media because your audience is very likely tweeting or blogging about the conference. Public speeches help even to promote your online platform.
  • People who have heard you speak are more inclined to like you and your writing. There is a kind of celebrity involved with speaking. When you speak, no one else is talking; YOU are talking, and the audience listening. That dynamic illustrates a premise that you are someone important who can be learned from.  If you give out business cards or bookmarks with your information on it – blog site, Amazon book page, website – people will see it valuable, because you have been set apart as a VIP.

How do you achieve this desirable state of feeling comfortable when speaking publicly? 

Toastmaster’s for sample is a great way to learn this skill in a friendly, supportive way.  Everyone at the meetings is working to be a better speaker so you are in good company. After a few months of having a helpful, friendly group of people listening to and critiquing your speeches, heading out to a public forum will give you lots of confidence. The more you speak, the easier it gets. Isn’t it worth a try?

Get some encouragement with these videos:



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From a Moderate $ 33.000 Advance to $1 Million a year


A good part of the seminars last month at the San Francisco Writers Conference centered the topic of self-publishing. Three authors talked about their experiences:

Bella Andre, a romance author, has written for many of the big six in New York. A year and a half ago, she wanted to write a spin-off story to one of her print novels that readers had requested for five years, which led her into the self publishing arena. Today, Bella has 12 self-published books that she has translated into five languages and 29 contractors working for her worldwide. Her highest advance from a New York house during her traditionally published career was $33,000. Last year she made over $1 million dollars in self publishing, selling 400,000 e-books.

There are many aspects of self publishing that mesh with Bella’s entrepreneurial spirit, but in addition to enjoying running her own business, she loves the freedom to write whatever sounds like it will be the most fun.

Another author, Barbara Freethy, has written romance novels for 20 years. In 2011, she decided to self-publish her backlist. (When a book goes out of print, the rights return to the author and they are free to reprint or resell the work.) She has also just released three foreign editions in French, German and Spanish of some of her most popular titles.

Elizabeth Jenningswho lives currently in Italy, explained how self-published authors benefit from fewer obstacles in foreign distribution, allowing their work to reach a wider audience faster. She best described the vast potential in global self publishing as, “…the crest of a tsunami – catch the wave.

Read the whole SF Writers Conference report



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FREE Publishing Business Virtual Conference

Mark your calendar:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Where? On your computer!

This FREE Publishing Business Virtual Conference is designed to uncover real opportunities in digital content for book and magazine publishers.

Features are: 
LIVE WEBINARS with industry experts in a virtual auditorium
Interactive EXHIBIT HALL with fully staffed sponsor booths
RESOURCE CENTER including downloadable collection of materials
NETWORKING LOUNGE to exchange ideas with your peers via live chat
MORE EVENTS (not free 😉

PubWest Conference 2011
November 3-5, 2011 in Henderson, Nevada
Beating the Odds: Making Money Making Books

Digital Book World 2012
January 23-25, 2012 in New York City

Publishing Business Conference & Expo 2012
March 19-21, 2012 in New York City
Cashing in With Cross Media Content


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Show Your Book to the World!












Frankfurter Buchmesse






The world’s biggest book exhibition, the Frankfurt Book Fair, will take place in Frankfurt/Main, Germany from October, 10. till 14. October 2012.
Mark your calendar!

To accurately describe the Frankfurt Book Fair, one word cannot be avoided: “overwhelming.” The numbers alone are daunting: 9 huge show buildings, more than 6700 exhibitors, publishers from 100 countries, and a stunning 150,000 attendees. With excellent train / metro services, ample hotel space, and the famous German efficiency, Frankfurt is the perfect place for such an event.

What better place for independent publishers to show off their books? By exhibiting your book in a cooperative booth, your titles may “potentially” generate foreign rights interest from any number of publishers. Prices are $175 per title or $ 600 for a shelf with 5 books.

Foreword Reviews is only one of several companies who offer this kind of service for publishers and independent authors.  Other exhibitor booths that can be used by independent publishers include:

These companies are also exhibiting at the

  • Sharija International Book Fair
  • Bejing International Book Fair
  • Bologna Children’s Book Fair
  • London International Book Fair
  • Book Expo America (BEA) in New York
  • American Library Association (ALA)

Why should you participate? 
Book trade shows are commonly known as book fairs and serve several purposes:  They provide a venue for publishers to display new titles to an audience of librarians, foreign publishers and booksellers, they enable publishers of all sizes including indie publishers to showcase titles in front of foreign rights agents to discuss “possible” rights deals and they serve as a “book event” enabling all forms of media, software develops, printers, wholesalers etc. to exhibit and to discuss book-publishing news.

If you cannot attend these international book fairs in person it might be a way to show your book to the publishing world – but no guarantees…




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“Old School” Comment on BEA

BEA Review from a Different Angle:

Here are some almost amusing excerpts from an article about the last BEA (my inner comments in brackets)

… to witness the digital revolution turn yesterday’s “gentleman’s business” of publishing into everyman’s global printing press. (Now we have to deal with the plebs)

The lines are blurring between what used to be called “gray publishing” (nowadays e-books and self-publishing) and traditional publishing such as trade, academic, scholarly and professional books.

Software companies, suppliers and distributors held prominent booth space near doors and at the end of aisles.  Many larger publishers either didn’t attend, or had private curtained rooms at the side of the show floor.  I hadn’t seen that hideaway routine at earlier shows. (Are they hiding from their customers, writers or from the digital progress?)

Well, I liked the expression “gentleman’s business” best, it sounds so wonderful old-fashioned arrogant.

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