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The Ebook Doctor – Making your own Ebooks by David Cronin – Part One.

We can be forgiven for believing that all we have to do to create an Ebook is to write the text and then click a few keys and ‘Hey Presto’ we have an Ebook for sale on Amazon. In the most literal sense this is true. But will the Ebook look good, and will it ever sell? The answer is YES, but you need to take a step back and take a little time to learn a bit about how your Word Processor and Ebook conversion software can help you turn your manuscript into a good looking Ebook that will sell. How long did you spend writing your book, carefully crafting and re-crafting sentences, characters and book structure? A little more time spent on the final presentation is well worthwhile if you are going to make an impact.
In this short series of articles David Cronin will show you the steps that you need to take to make your Ebook look good and pass through the “gateways” of the big Ebook retailers.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Over the coming weeks David Cronin will be giving a step by step guide to formatting your Ebook for both Mobi and Epub.  Although Moyhill is a Self-publishing company we are also aware that many authors wish to do the entire process themselves and we have always been very happy to assist those with that level of commitment.  Our philosophy is that the better all Ebooks look and read the more credibility Indie publishing will achieve.  It benefits our own authors if the reading public and critics have a healthy respect for self-published books.

Part One.

Now that we can see vigorous growth in the Ebook market even more of us ‘closet writers’ are going to come out and publish our own books without the ‘help’ of either Mainstream publishers or Self-publishing support services. With so many new books hitting the market it is even more important today to make…

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Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays



Merry Christmas to All Our Readers and Subscribers

… and Happy Holidays to you.

Enjoy this time of the year with family and friends!

your 111Publishing and SavvyBookWriters Crew

… and thanks for following us to our new blog URL



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How New Writers are Taken in by Author Solutions and Penguin

How Author Solutions / Penguin Squeezes Newbie Writers
Customers are captured through a variety of deceptive means – such as

  • fake “independent” websites which purport to review all the self-publishing options available to writers (but only compare the various Author Solutions imprints);
  • fake social media profiles pretending to be writers or “publishing consultants” (who only recommend Author Solutions companies); and,
  • a “bounty” to various unscrupulous parties to deliver Author Solutions fresh blood.

Once Author Solutions has a writer’s contact details, it moves fast – endlessly harassing them by phone and email until they cave and purchase an overpriced publishing package. Obviously, Author Solutions needs to use such deceptive measures because authors who have used its services aren’t recommending it to their fellow writers. Instead, they are warning them away. … read more:

David Gaughran

PRHGrupoASIPenguin Random House is speeding up the international expansion of its vanity press operations, while also seeking to integrate them more closely with the traditional side of the business – hoping to counteract flat growth for Author Solutions at a time when self-publishing is booming.

Author Solutions launches a new self-publishing service company for the Spanish market next Tuesday – MeGustaEscribir – which contains the usual mix of crappy publishing packages and ineffective, overpriced marketing services, as well as some extremely questionable practices such as reading fees (more on that below).

The way the Author Solutions scam typically operates is detailed exhaustively in this post, but here’s a brief summary.

How Author Solutions Squeezes Newbie Writers

Customers are captured through a variety of deceptive means – such as fake “independent” websites which purport to review all the self-publishing options available to writers (but only compare the various Author Solutions…

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To All Our Readers and Subscribers


Thank You

To all our readers, subscribers and followers:

I am very thankful for over 730,000 visitors, thousands of followers and subscribers on

This site will be ONLY available in the future under:

You will be able to find the COMPLETE archive of this “old” site on the new one.

Looking forward to meet you there!





Hyper Smash



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Developing Natural Audience – A Correspondence with Rachel Thompson

Developing Natural Audience – A Correspondence with Rachel Thompson

“The ‘ideal’ and the reason so many authors are enamored with traditional publishing, is that they think the publisher will do all the marketing for them. Wrong! Regardless of how one is published (traditional, hybrid, or indie), you will need to create your own branding, your own platform. If not, how will people hear of you?
Writers don’t have time to both write AND market. I agree — who does? Nobody said this writing gig would be easy. Writers who think that all they have to do is write and the magical marketing gods will swoop in and market their work and take care of all that bothersome financial stuff? Fooling themselves.
Being a writer is to be self-employed. It is a BUSINESS. Many cities actually require writers have a business license. How is writing not a business, then? If you write books, you are creating and selling (usually via a retailer), but money exchanges hands and you will be paying taxes.”
Read more what Rachel Thompson sayd in a recent interview at

Project Mavens

Rachel Thompson image

As part of my continuing correspondence series, Developing Natural Audience, I decided to reach out to author, book promoter and social media consultant, Rachel Thompson. Many of you may know Rachel from her company, Bad Redhead Media. Rachel is also the brains behind the Twitter blog sharing meme, #MondayBlogs, which she started back in 2012.

Here’s a look at our e-mail exchange:

Dear Rachel,

As I mentioned to you, the interview I recently published with Marc Zegans, The Art of Finding Natural Audience set off a firestorm of a response. It seems that many writers and other creative people are experiencing real pain around the prospect of promoting their work after it’s been completed.

As someone who specializes in the area of book promotion, when dealing with the particular experience of authors who have put so much of themselves into their work, do you find…

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Happy Thanksgiving and Why We Moved the Blog

Happy Thanksgiving and Why We Moved the Blog

Happy Thanksgiving and Why We Moved the Blog


Thanks to all 705,000 visitors of this blog, to all subscribers and especially to all of you who helped to make a smooth transition from to our “own” website here: were you will find continuesly all the publishing and book marketing news, links and tips that you are used to receive several times a week on the “old” blog.

You Might Ask Why a Change of Name? is our own site, we pay a small amount ($3.95) for hosting from BlueHost, we decide the design and we can use our own website however we want to.  The blog name is also shorter, and sounds more professional than the WordPress name.  And readers can sign up for our newsletter, which they could not on our old site.

Some of the Reasons for “Moving”:
A WordPress blog  (the one we used before, and which you are just reading) is “pre-fabricated”, free to use, no hosting necessary, but you don’t own it, you cannot make major changes in design and you cannot use your own plug-ins.  Wordpress also places their advertisements – which you cannot control  – in your blog.  You might not see these ads on your own computer, but at any other device e.g. a computer of friends, readers or in a library.  To prevent this, you would have to pay $30/year.  The good part:  They have an automatic spam protection which is pretty thorough!  And readers can certainly find all the previous articles (over 1,130) on this site in the future.  Just type what you are looking for, into the search function of the blog.

To receive every article at  please sign up at the pop-up window that appears after 20 seconds.  It says: “To receive the latest blog post, enter your email address”.





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