Short Story: Last Curtain for a Stripper

04 Apr

Decadence, Sex, and Crime Behind Closed Doors…


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ISBN:  978-1-988664-07-1

Experience the shocking, uncensored stories about the private lives and the double lives of people we think we know. Take a peek behind the masks of hypocrisy and the walls of deception which lurk and thrive in the mainstream. The secrets and desperate lives of sinners, perverts, politicians, and criminals remain well hidden from the wrath and condemnation of our society.
The LAST CURTAIN FOR A STRIPPER is a short story, actually two, and is a prequel for the upcoming book BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.


 Charlayne E. Grenci, Ph.D. is a clinical sexologist and clinical professor, an author and a relationship expert; a graduate from Maimonides University, an affiliate of The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists and a Diplomat of The American Board of Clinical Sexology. She has a private practice in Southern Florida and is also a guest lecturer.

Dr. Grenci specializes in life coaching, sex education and instruction for individuals, couples, or groups who are seeking advice, information, and support for improving sexual relationships, sexual issues or alternative lifestyles.
Charlayne E. Grenci, Ph.D. has inspired, entertained and educated thousands of people for over thirty-six years with her knowledge, experience, and amazing life’s story.
Dr. Grenci is available for book-signing presentations, guest speaker presentations and seminars, private office sessions and special educational courses. Dr. Grenci is also a specialist in relationship and marriage issues and pre-marital coaching.
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Twitter: @CharlayneGrenci
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Queen of Domination: My Secret Life
Marcel Proust EXPOSED
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