111 Ways in 2017 to Improve Your Writing Career

24 Dec


Becoming a truly successful self-published author is not easy. Here is the only author guide that authors will ever need. If you are a writer, wanting to increase book sales, get a cornucopia of detailed introductions to book marketing.
Book Description

This author-guide to free (or very low cost) book marketing and professional publishing, provides authors with valuable tips and hands-on instructions how to connect directly with their readers, how to find lots of bloggers and reviewers, establish a solid platform and strengthen their author brand.
Readers of our latest book will be provided with over 111 tips, (and almost 600 links) on how to successfully promote their books for free – in an “organic” way.  Successful publishing cannot only be done through content writing, networking, but through many other small, savvy steps during the writing, publishing and book-layout process – which are described in detail.
Content marketing secrets and the latest social media tips will enable authors to capitalize on their writing competence and to increase their readership tremendously. 111 detailed-explained tips, and hundreds of links will help every self-publisher to find and implement numerous “passive” book marketing steps – in detail explained throughout this how-to-manual, leading the way to publishing success.


US REVIEW OF BOOKS – First Chapter Reviews
“For many writers, the actual process of creating a book is the easy part. Marketing it successfully is an entirely different story, one that requires intensive pre-planning, plenty of persistence, and a little technological know-how.  Doris-Maria Heilmann posits that successful marketing ought to begin as soon as the writer sets pen to paper. To get one’s book in as many hands as possible, Ms. Heilmann urges authors to research the target audience, analyze the competition, and create a long-term roadmap for success.
She offers a veritable treasure trove of quick, effective strategies that authors can use not only to market one book but to build a credible platform that will serve them well throughout their publishing careers.  Doris Heilmann’s marketing tips ought to be required reading for every aspiring and established writer who would like to turn a passion into a profitable career.”

Both, publishing novices and experienced authors will find these “111 Tips on How to Market Your Book for Free” informative and helpful. And if you follow this book’s advice you WILL become a successful author.
Using these steps will turn out to a long-term time investment. They won’t initiate an immediate spike in book sales; rather, they will improve the amount of your readers and the exposure of your books.  Remember: all of your writing is an asset that can keep making you money for decades to come!

A certain time commitment may be necessary, at least in the beginning, depending on your level of involvement.  Yet, you will learn how to connect with reader communities, book bloggers, reviewers and social media followers and the more you use these marketing tools, the faster you can handle them.  Which means that you will get more fans and readers.  Some of these tasks are not obvious “book marketing” tasks, but they are essential for your success as an author.
For Whom is this Book Useful?
Self-Publishers and authors who work with traditional publishers alike will profit from this book marketing and publishing guide.  Get inspirations and encouragement from someone who has 35+ years of experience in print and e-book publishing, book marketing, online writing and magazine publishing.

… and WHERE can you get it?


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