Are You Blogging or Writing an Online Diary?

14 Jul




Readers are always curious to find out more about an author, or to see more of her or his writing.  What would a book lover expect when visiting their favored writers pages? An author bio, background stories to the book(s), maybe something about the writing and publishing process, news about upcoming books and a sneak peek (maybe even a chapter) into the next one, even a prequel or a link to a prequel. Visit blogs or website logs from famous writers and you see often great blog examples

Blog or Diary?
A diary “offers the potential to reveal a fully fledged identity, one with hopes, doubts, petty occupations and grand aspirations.  In contrast to a diary, the blog is conscious of its readers from the outset: testimonies, commentaries, journalism … are components of a blog. Blog posts are an important part of an author’s platform, it will improve your Google ranking, they are material to tweet and post about and are the gateway to more readers and customers.

Professional Writing
Keep in mind that not only your readers find your blog posts, but also literary agents and publishers, as well as potential business partners. Being in a profession (of writing) requires a business-like blog, not a diary where you talk about your feelings and your daily occurrences.  Readers want to read about your book or writing, not who came on Sunday for dinner, your shopping experiences at a mall or your menopause.

Blog Post Like A Professional
In a great article, Reginal Chan gives valuable advises, read the whole post to learn more:

  • Before you start drafting your blog, you need to have a great plan in mind:
  • Why you are writing this blog?
  • Knowing the reasons why readers are coming to your blog
  • How you can attract potential readers to your blog
  • What can you do to ensure they stay longer on your blog
  • How to market your writings and further increase the blog traffic

And Don’t Forget:

  • Preparing a killer title and excerpt
  • Content is King!
  • Use videos, images, slides etc. – just everything visual
  • Quote people
  • State resources
  • Call to action

Stephen King advised in an interview: 
“Jot down a list of blog topics you could write about. Circle the ones at least 80% of your readers would find irresistible. Write about those topics and nothing else. Simple, but it takes discipline. The better you become at cultivating that discipline, the more popular your writing will become. If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

Author Jon Morrow comments:
Of course, most bloggers do neither. We start a blog, squeeze in the occasional post, between going to the gym and picking up take-out, and then expect it to somehow lead to fame and fortune.
Sorry, but that’s not how it works. Every popular blogger I know reads at least one book every week and writes at least 1,000 words every day. Yes, it’s a lot, but success comes at a price, folks. Are you willing to pay it?




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