Why Join LinkedIn as a Writer?

02 Jun




Almost 95 per cent of all editors and journalists are on LinkedIn, which makes it easy for writers to connect with them. Gone are the times of useless press releases. Now you can connect with the right people on LinkedIn – if you have a carefully created and appealing bio on your site – search-engine-optimized. And if you choose the right followers.


The Value of LinkedIn Connections
Why don’t I just accept every connection to have a bigger network? you might ask. As more people you’re connected to, as better for your business. But in order for LinkedIn connections to have value to you, it is always better to be already connected through other Social Media sites or to have an offline connection, too. Can you offer any value to your LinkedIn connections or are they are able to offer any value to you in the long run?


LinkedIn Groups
Pattie Hunt Sinacol wrote on “Joining groups is important on Linkedin. Groups should be related to your career interests and/or geography. Updates from these groups keep you connected and keep you current in your field.”


LinkedIn Connection Request
What do I do with connections requests from unknown LinkedIn members? Accept or just ignore?  You might receive invitations to connect from coworkers, prior clients or a potential client who found your profile through a search, or just a sales person who tries this approach. View their profile first to decide before accepting.


Send a Message First
One of the great features at LinkedIn is that you have the ability to send a message to everyone who requests to connect with you – before you respond to their connection. An arrow next to the “Accept” button says “Contact”. It is a great way to start a conversation, learn more about the person and to form a relationship.

Skill Endorsements / Recommendations
Submitting a skill endorsement is similar to a recommendation, or a Like, and done in seconds. The number of endorsements you receive could eventually affect your search ranking and impact your word-of-mouth referrals.  Alex Pirouz advises on his great blog

  • Update or edit your skills regularely on your LinkedIn
  • Move your Skills and Expertise Section to the Top of Your Profile
  • Arrange Your “Skills” in order of importance to you, dragging them up (only 10 top skills are shown).  Once your connections start endorsing your skills, then the number of endorsements will dictate the rank of each of your skills. This also makes it important to eliminate any skills for which you don’t want to be ranked highly. The *best* you can do is ask your very best friends connected to you for “Endorsements” on specific “skills”. Of course, it helps when you also give “Endorsements” to your 1st level connections.

How to Receive Endorsements?
When you endorse your connections they receive an email notification. That email notification also asks them to endorse you. Win-Win!

Turning Off Endorsements
If you don’t think that endorsements add value to your profile, you can hide them from showing on your profile: Alex Pirouz explains exactly how to do this.

LinkedIn mistakes you don’t want to make

  • Your profile has typos
  • You have no picture at all in your profile
  • You have a profile picture, but it’s a photo of you with your significant other, your dog or children…
  • You’re not reaching out to people through LinkedIn Groups

More on “14 things you shouldn’t do on LinkedIn” by Alyson Shontell




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