Blogger versus WordPress Blogs – Pro and Con’s

30 Mar



Many traditional websites only have 5-6 pages, so the maximum number of times they will ever get indexed by search engines is 5 or 6 times, if they are static pages and not constantly updated.
when you create a blog, every single post you publish has its own URL. Suddenly you can go from 5-6 pages to 20, 50, 100 or over 1,000 at

If you would like to use a free blog, you have the choice of WordPress or Blogger. Both of them are great blogging systems, but you might be wondering which one to choose. Both and Blogger are great free sites, but which is the right one for you?

Blogger is a Google service, and just like YouTube, requires a Google account. It is very easy to use and maintain. With Blogger you get only Google+, Tweet and Like buttons on each post. There is luckily one workaround through the use of the excellent IFTTT web service.  Embedding a video from YouTube is free. A domain name with blogger account is always like “” by default (depending upon your country ‘.com’ will be changed). Blogger let’s you choose your own domain name for $10 per year and to connect your blogger account with your personalized domain name.
Blogger is the platform to choose if you are looking for a free product that might allow you to make a bit of money. WordPress is there for those who are in love with its huge variety of themes and the user-friendly approach. You can choose to enable Google AdSense on your blog which will show targeted adverts based on your content. You need to get some content up first, before choosing the option from the earnings menu entry.  Blogger sites are hosted on Google’s servers so you’ll rarely experience down times and your site should run smoothly most of the time. Unless your Google account password is stolen, it’s virtually hacker-proof. At the bottom of every post Blogger embeds a row of social networking icons, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Gmail and other Blogger blogs. Google’s AdSense Integration is easy with blogger because both are owned by the same company. Those who want to start blogging to earn some money they can opt for blogger as it gives you by default the option of AdSense to start with. Or you can choose Amazon affiliate for example, program blogger itself allows to generate affiliate revenue.

WordPress is greatly customizable, earning much of its good name for the huge number of themes and plugins available in the standalone open-source release. It allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Reddit for automatic sharing.

On their Stats site you can see how many visitors and views your blog received,

  • from which country they came,
  • your top posts and pages,
  • who or what referred to your blog’s site.
  • You will receive information how many total followers
  • how many shares your site receives,
  • what are the most popular tags (keywords)
  • who commented the most on your WordPress blog

WordPress offers only 3 GB of space and if your blog is the success that you hope it will be, 3 GB will eventually fill up – after 3000 blogs maybe, depending on how large your images are.
However, there is another solution available that gives you the possibility to have your own custom URL, but with all the benefits and statistics of a website: “Upgrade” for ca. $25 and buy your own URL (without the WordPress in it), sign up with a hosting company for approx. $6 / month.  This way you get all the useful statistics and features from WordPress without having to use their name in your URL.  Your blog will appear more professional to visitors!

Don’t be confused with and is absolutely free. All you need is hosting plan from a hosting company and a domain name that you purchase. And also a knowledgeable person to customize your site for your needs… is made for those who like to have total control over their websites. It is open source and therefor offers you fully customization. Both are owned by same owner but is something like blogger – it offers you free hosting and a free domain name that contains “wordpress” in it:  While using you are the sole owner of the website, and you can choose if you use a free or paid theme (design) for you blog. 

But why is blogging important for writers? Blogging is telling a story, blogging is sharing your opinion, blogging is reporting news and more. But at the core, blogging is writing! It’s an internet stage upon which you hope readers will drop in to see what you have to say – and get an impression of your writing skills.
Where are you blogging:  On WordPress or Blogger – and why?

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4 responses to “Blogger versus WordPress Blogs – Pro and Con’s

  1. @SylviaHubbard1

    March 31, 2014 at 5:54 am

    Reblogged this on Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network and commented:
    This is a great article to read!

  2. Viktoria Michaelis

    March 31, 2014 at 7:11 am

    Your brief coverage of WordPress leaves out many, many benefits of the service. You may also have a customized URL linking in, which you can buy from all domain name services. There are literally thousands of plug ins which can enhance your website on WordPress and many hundreds of templates for the appearance. Links to AdSense and other revenue providers are also available, and YouTube, Vimeo and other video services can be linked in for display on the site with a few clicks. The seemingly low 3GB of space takes a very long time to use up, especially if you place your images on an external site, such as Flickr, and hotlink in. Considerably more social media link to buttons are available than you list through the addition of a plug in, and earning money, with links to PayPal and other services of a similar nature, is also easily available.

    WordPress also comes as a downloadable software package free of charge, is very easy to configure and set up and can be placed on any server of your choice. It has all the benefits of the facilities plus a bit more, in that you have the freedom to change it at will.

  3. echoesofthepen

    April 1, 2014 at 7:26 am

    Another useful and informative post ad always…


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