A “NEW” Way of Book Marketing

03 Jan


Even Ernest Hemingway,  Margaret Atwood, Tom ChiarellaGloria SteinemBrian Mockenhaupt and Stephen King did it:  Writing occasionally short stories and magazine articles – before blogs became fashionable. In several former posts we explained in detail how easy it is for writers to create content, such as blog articles and sell them to magazines and newspapers or write guest blogs. Read more here and here about brilliant book marketing and content writing.


Use Your Writing Skills to Earn Money
Writing for magazines, newspapers or online articles will get you paid much faster than you ever will be for your book – and they will pay you more!

Get your Name Out There
Establish your brand as a writer, get links back to your website or book sales page (there are often two links allowed in guest blogs).  As more articles or blogs you publish, as more visibility on the Internet is guaranteed – and as more readers learn about your books.

Use Content Marketing to Promote Your Books
It’s about attracting the customer to you, the author, rather than paying for expensive advertisements. Entertain and educate first and sell second. Barely talk about your book. The old school thinking struggles with these new concepts.

Literary Magazines
Literary magazines offer the perfect opportunity for you to get your name and work available to the public.  However, before you offer articles to Literary Magazines: submit short pieces of work to build a portfolio of writing credits and therefore excellent connections.

Where is Your Audience?
It is common knowledge for marketing professionals:  1% of any audience creates new ideas, 9% talk about the ideas, and the remaining 90% follows the conversation. By reaching the 1%, you can reach the 99%. It’s called “influencer” marketing.

SEO and Content Marketing:
The rise of Web 2.0 and Social Media gave people the ability to find and share information with their friends. If you create convincing article / blog content, it will be distributed on its own, and when adding to your Google+ timeline, it will be ranked high by Google’s Search Engines.

Stop acting like an Advertiser:

  • Content Marketing guaranties you more readers’ trust
  • Become a part of your readers lives without selling
  • At least half of your marketing effort should be Content Marketing
  • Content marketing creates a following “around” your (author) brand.
  • You can even make money with your content:
  • You can sell some of your images and your video
  • You can charge to read your blog or online magazine
  • Publishing content can be in a variety of media or formats, such as apps, print, web radio, social networks, video and even web TV


Become a publisher and not just an advertiser! 
Jeff Bullas wrote in his valuable marketing blogs: “Thanks to Google, the role of content becomes more and more important. The reward is higher rankings and more visibility on the Internet for sites that offer unique content and a quality user experience. Use content marketing, writing articles that you might be able to sell and customers will come to you!”

Writing content will not transform your book into an overnight success, but it is a wonderful option for a long-term strategy, to build an authors platform and it gives your readers a valuable sample of your writing.

In our online seminars – and also in weekend seminars (this spring in Eastern Canada and in the New England States) we help you to get ideas how to use your books’ content to write, promote and even how you can make more money with your art.




If you would like to get more support in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites – or to learn how you can make yourself a name as an author through content writing: We offer all this and more for only $159 for three months! Learn more about this individual book marketing help:

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