Best Wishes for 2014

01 Jan


It’s this time of the year … where most of us think about improvements in our daily lives, including professional ambitions.  Whatever resolutions might be for the new year: If you are an author, and want to publish professionally and to have eventually bestselling books, it would be smart to learn everything you can about publishing possibilities and professional book marketing.

How Can You Learn All About Publishing?  
Most of it online. There are so many helpful blogs and articles for writers out there, where you can learn everything about writing and publishing, for example from:

John Kremer
Jonathan Gunson
David Gaughran
Dean Wesley Smith
Rachel Gardener


More Writing & Publishing Resources
They are right in front of you!, where we give tons of advice from our 30+ years of publishing and book marketing experience – for FREE in almost one thousand! articles, including several thousand links to detailed information. Just sign up and you will get them regularly to your mailbox.

With many years of coaching and consulting authors in seminars and over the internet / phone about e-publishing and book marketing we can help you to build your author brand and platform and advice you about any question you might have as writer and self-publisher.

Another option is to sign up for free to our valuable – monthly – newsletter. In the first week of every month you will get lots of book marketing and publishing tips. Just go to any of our websites where you find the opt-in form:

Our Online Seminars
Learn more about the changing world of publishing and the promotional part for your books – as nowadays literary agents and publishers first question to a potential author is: “what is your platform” or “what are your plans to market your book?” Traditional publishers no longer provide the marketing for authors, who must promote themselves and market their books.

Learn how to take advantage of all the available opportunities and resources to promote your work and yourself as an author to publishers and to your readers.
Ask yourself
Are you as well known as you could be?
Are your books selling as well as they should do?
Do you know the difference between the top 3% of authors and everyone else?
Find out how to navigate the modern publishing world, get hundreds of valuable marketing tips during our Weekend Seminars or the one-on-one Online Seminars – and learn how to promote your book without even spending money for it.
Get practical hands-on tips to market your book:

  • Identify your target readers and their demographic
  • Find out how to reach these readers online and off-line
  • Create your own brand and your author platform
  • Choose the type of publishing that is right for you
  • Navigate the pre-publishing process
  • Market and publicize your book successfully on a budget
  • Leverage your books’ content into other markets
  • Prepare your next bestseller
  • find free book publishing funding sources,
  • Government grants and tax deductions

Helpful Publishing Guide Books
The grand-daddy of independent publishing, Dan Poynter started decades ago to write about self-publishing print books and wrote in detail about the process, including distribution. His many books on this topic include e-publishing as well.
Aaron Shepard is an authority in “Aiming at Amazon” and “POD for Profit” and how to prepare your books for e-book formatting and print.

Writing Contests
Being short-listed or winning a writing contest is a fantastic promotional tool for your book.  Find the latest writing contests for all genres. This invaluable free blog provides news & guides to literary magazines and other resources for authors.

And now:  Don’t forget to look in the rear mirror and pad yourself on the shoulder! Recognize where you have been successful and what you already achieved during the last twelve months!




If you would like to get more support in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites – or to learn how you can make yourself a name as an author through content writing: We offer all this and more for only $159 for three months! Learn more about this individual book marketing help:
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