3 Frequently Asked Questions by Writers

30 Nov


Some author-publishers want to “just write”. Not even write a blog, guest blog, articles for newspapers or God-forbit, “waste time on Social Media”. However, in order to “just write”, and if no money comes in within days or weeks, then you will have to stay at the day job, all week long doing something other than writing. You will only make money by selling books, and the first step in selling a book is to get in contact with potential readers and show that your book exists.  For a self-published author, Social Media is the only gateway to a global audience that doesn’t cost money, only your time and a bit effort to social “network”.


Question #1: I Follow People on Twitter – But They Don’t Follow Back

Did you just click on “Following” – and nothing else? Or did you frequently re-tweet or engage otherwise with them? They are certainly not obliged to follow, it’s voluntarily, but you have to give them a reason, other than just click on following. Think about your appearance or your tweets:

  • Do you have an appealing avatar (portrait) and introduction, so that people are enticed to follow you?
  • What are you tweeting? Is it newsworthy, funny, useful? Or are you talking only about your book?

If you go to a party and and just say hello or nod at someone, and continue into the room to get a drink, do you expect people to run after you, trying to invite you into a conversation? Social Media is like a big party. As more interesting you are and as more friendly and social, and as more communicative  you are, as more people will want to talk with you.

Replying to someone’s tweet, is a great way to make friends and followers on Twitter. Asking them a question, sharing a success, or otherwise adding value to the conversation will most likely get you a response, and probably a follower.

Question #2: How Do I Get Followers on Google+

… and also: Why should I be on GooglePlus? It is one of the most important Social Networks for authors – if not THE BEST in terms of your Google Search Engine ranking. sums it up in an article:
Share good content, people will spread the word, and you’ll get more followers. Add the Google+ badge to your website and blog, help people, make meaningful comments and invite people to join your circles.

Authors can start a main page on GooglePlus and separate sites for each of their books. Google+ allows to create up to 50 pages. Please do read this article by about Google+ for higher search engine rankings:

How to build your Google+ circles, filled with potential followers, is explained in lots of articles and YouTube videos, just a few links of many:

For a FREE PDF book, how to use Google+ get the links here:

As an author you want to interact with potential readers, reviewers, book bloggers and book clubs – find these people by using the search function on top of your Google+ site.


Question #3:  I Had a Radio/TV Interview – But Nothing Came Out of It … 
When I hear this, my first reply is:

  • What did you do with the interview?
  • How did you promote this free promotion?
  • Did you promote your interview that you got on a blog website, podcast, TV show, or radio, before and after the event?

Much like other public appearances, radio interviews are a great way to get attention: AM/FM, satellite, internet, or even Blog Talk Radio, the interviews can be used to gain some positive and popular PR.

There are lots of Possibilities to Promote Your Interview:

  • Before and after, on Social Media: Promote upcoming interviews – “Looking forward to talking with radio host …at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Love his show!” “Like” the interview show on Facebook,follow the host on Twitter, and look for other ways to cross promote. Get busy tweeting after the interview: “Great conversation with …. on Wednesday! If you missed the show, here’s a link.”
  • Get a copy of the taped interview
    Use the link to show the video on your sales pages, e.g. on your Amazon author page, your Goodreads page (or other book lovers sites) and on Google+, where you can post it as many times as you want in your timeline and on all your pages or communities.
  • Re-blog your interview on book blogger sites to your own blog, and promote it heavily on Social Media.
  • Write an article on your own blog about the experience of being interviewed on radio or TV, give fellow authors tips, and promote this blog post.

Last, but not least: Get the next interview booked. Now that you know how it works, try to get as many interviews as possible – which means lots of exposure for your book.

Read also:

How to Get Radio Interviews

How to Promote Your Book During your Radio/TV interview

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Hope these tips help you to successfully promote your book. Let me know about more questions : )
And don’t forget:  an interview is not a book sales event, you cannot expect soaring sales after, it is one little step of building your author brand and reputation and to get your name out there.



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