How to Get More Readers to Your Blog

12 Nov



Writing Blog Articles


Subtitle: How to get more exposure for your articles, blogs, books …  as these tips are universal for all your writing.  Lots of visitors / readers are crucial for your success in building a following. Writing an article is just the beginning of content marketing.  If you want to reach a wide audience you have to place your work in front of many readers.

There are several steps in promoting your writing, no matter if you are a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers or a blogger who writes for an audience of potential readers:

  1. Set up plug-ins to your website or blog in order to have your articles automatically pinged to Social Media sites, as soon as you hit the “publish button”.
  2. Join as many blog directories and sharing sites as possible (see link addresses)
  3. Set up at least two Google+ sites and join Google+ communities in your field
  4. Claim your authorship on Google’s Search Engine
  5. Offer your article to newspapers and magazines, starting with local papers
  6. Split your article in sentences, add the link to your site and post it on Social Media sites
  7. Convert your article in a short slide show and post it for free
  8. Write guest blogs and/or comment on other blogs
  9. Consider to re-write your article and post it on high-traffic e-zines

Best of the Web Blogs
There are many paths to building links, such as link baiting or blog roll-link swapping, but few are as easy to implement and cost effective as submitting to blog directories, just to name a few:
See all 20 Blog Directories to submit your blog

Document sharing sites
Scribd, a social publishing site, where millions of people share original writings and documents. Convert your original article to a PDF file and upload it to Scribd. Unlike article directories Scribd allows you to incorporate links within your content. You can upload anything onto Scribd as a way to grow your audience, just like on your personal blogs. Choose copyright settings, among many other options, making your documents most searchable. Authors are uploading e-books for sale on Scribd, and keep 80% of the profits. What’s intriguing the most about Scribd, though, is the idea of 50 million readers. Your blog certainly isn’t reaching that many people.

Video article
Convert your article to video by making a series of slides from your content. Import the slides into Windows Movie Maker then add music. Submit your video article to YouTube and other video sharing websites. Make sure you always include your full website address in the description meta-tag and also include it in the last slide to direct visitors back to your website.

Blogger (Blogspot)
Is a public blogging platform owned by Google and therefore is rapidly indexed by the search engines. Open another blog here and post parts of your articles.  If you already use Gmail you can simply add Blogger to your account. Every time you create new content add it to this blogging platform. Be sure to include links within the content and in your resource box that link back to your main website. This will boost the rankings of the original article you added to your blog or website.

Social Media Sites
On Google+ you can easily post your article, if it is under 500 words. There are for sure more possibilities on social media sites and on most you can add images and certainly link back to your website or blog. Read also this article about Social SEO Strategies for Start-Ups.
Google Authorship
Jeff Bullas explains: “What is eye opening is when I research things in the digital industry I am presented with a Google SERP (search engine result page) in which only a handful of results have a Google+ cover photo next to it! If we’re in the digital industry, and blogging extensively, aren’t we all supposed to be using Google+ and claiming authorship?  Read why Google+ authorship is important.
As you can see, there is so much you can do to let your articles and blogs go viral on the Internet. It takes a little bit of effort, but the results in a couple of months will be rewarding. 




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    Good post. I already so some of these things, but this has given me some other ideas. Had’t really looked into blog directories, for instance. Maybe it’s time to start.

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    Excellent information and these methods really work well to generate high traffic for your blogs. You may get more traffic if your blogs are designed with different layouts, images, tags etc… which will give attractive look for the posters.

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