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09 Nov

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“You will be in awe at how many of these relationship stories will ring true …” said one reviewer of The Marriage Whisperer by licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Patt Pickett, Ph.D. It is designated as the “September Book of the Month” by MidWest Book Review.  Another reviewer states: “Excellent marriage enrichment book for couples! Highly Recommended!”  The Marriage Whisperer was featured in the September 2013 Small Press Book Watch as the “Reader’s Choice”. And also “Recommended” by The US Review of Books: “The author clearly understands the various dynamics that impact how couples navigate their life issues. She also has an amazing handle on why difficulties may be occurring and what can be done to improve them. With a wise, sensible, and a professional touch, she invites the reader to consider respectful options and accommodations. The inclusion of tables, lists, and short paragraphs, which offer specific ideas on what needs to be done and how one can proceed, makes this a user-friendly support to couples.”
70 couple stories This jargon-free, self-help title is written by an experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and inspired by over 10,000 conversations. It delivers 70 couple stories with humor and includes many practical tips and tools for lasting relationship improvement. Popular themes, such as communication, habits, chores, arguments, sex, and intimacy are explored in easy-read tales.
Practical Advice for Couples
“Author Patt Pickett, Ph.D., has the training, knowledge and experience to create a book for married couples of all ages. She has worked with couples, listened to their stories, counseled for many years, and put all those years of expertise into The Marriage Whisperer” says a reviewer.

Patt-PickettWhy Patt Pickett, Ph.D. Wrote Her Book
Decades of experience in the Marriage and Family therapy field is the background for her book. Patt Pickett, Ph.D. says: “I wrote a collection of unique and practical notes over a 20 year period in my professional role about what I learned, my clients have continually requested that I write a book, and I wanted to get my messages out to a broader audience –“Strengthen Families, One Marriage at a Time” and “With persistence and motivation, all couples can improve their relationship.”

Read more at Patt Pickett’s website: and about her academic background

The Marriage Whisperer Subtitle: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight is available on Amazon, Paperback: 214 pages, as well as at Powell’s, BooksaMillion and a dozen other bookstores.




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