Benefits of Creating Your Own Newspaper Online

21 Aug



What is  
It’s been around for a while and I have been following sporadically – if content was created by one of my Twitter followers/authors. If you haven’t paid attention to these articles yet: Creating your own means, you can add your own Twitter / Google+ / Pinterest / FB content to it – not only that of your followers. One tool more for authors, to attract attention to their tweets and certainly to their writing!

Benefits of creating an online daily newspaper:

  • is FREE for up to 10 newspapers daily
  • Build relationships with the people from whom you get content for your online daily newspaper. They are happy to see you get their content in front of your readers
  • Provide consistent and valuable information about a topic relevant to your readers
  • Set your online daily newspaper up once and it updates automatically every 24 hours – You need only to promote it daily


See what others wrote about
Kelly Hungerford wrote:
“ is content curation service that enables you to become Editor-in-Chief of your own news site and publish a topic based newspaper from content you find anywhere on the web, such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube or Facebook.

What is online content curation?
Simply put, online content curation is the organizing, filtering, presenting and sharing of the most relevant digital content for a specific audience.  People (and not machines) are the ones, qualified to make that final selection of content needed in order to identify the content that matters most to them, and for their audiences. We also think that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in.

Why should I make a
The act of content curation and the filtering of content for specific audiences is strongly tied to the future of content. Millions of people are sharing content daily through social media channels and the numbers are growing, making it increasingly difficult to find, organize, share, discover and enjoy.

What’s the Secret of a fabulous site?

  • Add your personal touch, greet your readers with an Editor’s note, make them feel at home
  • Choose the best content sources and news that apply to your audience
  • Edit each of your with love, make sure your readers are getting a rich and relevant blend of news
  • Create an appealing custom background that ties into your passion

From Bloomberg BusinessWeek:
“When it comes to news, many Twitter users say they rely on the social network and the community of people they follow— rather than a big news organization—for links to important or interesting news stories. A Swiss start-up called Small Rivers has taken that idea and turned it into a service called, which gathers links that your network has shared and turns them into a kind of social newspaper, complete with different sections for different topics. Is  now the future of news? Perhaps not, but it fills a niche in the social ecosystem of news. takes your Twitter stream and extracts links to any news stories, photos, videos, and so forth, which it then analyzes, using what the company calls “semantic text analysis tools,” in order to determine whether or not the stories are relevant. The site then displays the links and related content in sections based on the context of the link. The service also creates themed pages based on specific topics using #hashtags, such as #privacy or #climate, in much the same way that newspapers create special sections around an event or topic. also automatically creates topical sections such as technology, arts & entertainment, photos, politics, and business. Users can also now create papers using a Twitter list. Embedded in a sidebar on each user’s customized paper is their Twitter stream.”

Setting up your dialy news is easy:

  • Go to on Twitter. Click the “Sign In” button on the top right. As you are logged into your Twitter account, will recognize your Twitter handle and ask you to confirm.
  • Click on “Create a Newspaper” and fill in your Twitter handle in the first box. Click on “create” and wait for your paper to be published.
  • You can change the title of your paper in “settings”, set the time for which it will generate the daily updates and choose whether you want Twitter to automatically tweet your paper when it’s updated.

More on YouTube:

How to grow your Twitter Following

Curating Twitter Content with




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One response to “Benefits of Creating Your Own Newspaper Online

  1. Patti Hall

    August 22, 2013 at 6:33 am

    Good info. I get a Hawaii newspaper through this system. It is very good. My focus is on getting my writing typed up, edited and published, while I blog to gain a larger community. I just don’t have time to be a news curator more than I do on my blog. I do think about it though…
    Thank you,


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