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09 Aug



In the last blog post you could read how useless and expensive (measured to results) it is, to send out mass press releases, in the hope someone will pick up your book, review it and to write about it in a major newspaper or magazine. However, most likely it doesn’t work this way.
You learned how important it is, to customize your press release and send it to a targeted audience. But how do you find editors and journalists, who could write about your book – if it is hardcover and in the certain genres they review. More about this later.

So, how can you find these Editors/Journalists?
Nothing easier, just google “Newspaper Book Review Editors”. On one of the top ranking places you will find John Kremer’s generous and helpful, free listing of editors of leading newspapers in the USA. Authors from other parts of the world just add the name of their country into the search function. This doesn’t mean that editors wouldn’t write about English books from abroad, but the likelihood is higher when the author comes from the same country.
Use an Excel List and more tips
John Kremer also shows how a professional list of editors could be compiled in the Window’s Excel program. His lists are a free service and not updated constantly. As editors often change or might retire, it is anyway necessary to call ahead before you send out your news release. John Kremer also cautions: “Note that most newspaper book reviewers are only interested in major fiction, major social issue books, biographies of famous people, and some regional books.
Important: good timing
Most newspapers only review new books. So, they need to have a book (galley copies or ARC, the advanced review copies) three to six months before the publication date of the book. The most likely reason for no response is that your message was received and considered spam because it was not directed to the name of the editor/journalist, or a need those recipients have, or if it isn’t clear what the email is about.
What about memoirs, non-fiction or children’s book authors?
You could start out with local newspapers or radio stations and try to get and interview, if there is anything in your book that you can hook to local points or to an upcoming holiday. So plan well ahead, at least three – six months ahead of your book launch.
Another way to find names of media professionals who could introduce your book to a wider audience can be found when reading reviews in magazines and newspapers, online and print or listening to radio interviews. Note the name of the editor, journalist, reporter or interviewer.  Google the mail or email contact of the editor. Sometimes names can also be found on new books back cover blurbs.

What Press Release companies will NOT tell you:
Usually book editors will not review a book that is not published in hardback, and still often self-published books.  A trade paperback, is also a huge strike against the chances of the book getting reviewed (but not absolutely impossible) even first-time author genre books are seldom reviewed, unless they are local. Non-fiction books seem a little easier to get reviews from them. However the self-published rule applies to all books.
Before you send out your news release, make sure to get the editors submission guidelines – and that there is a slight chance for a review – things that press release companies don’t bother to do!

What does all this mean for first-time, self-published e-book authors?
Direct your energy into getting in contact with book bloggers and book reviewers on Social Media sites, Goodreads and other literary websites and follow / friend these “power” readers, and ask them – after they got you to know – to read your book, and hopefully they will review and write about it.

IF you really want to send out a press release that might or might not be read by an editor, or just for the sake of being found on the internet (SEO), you can publish it through one of the following sites. Most of them will charge and your press release certainly has to be perfectly written (see above). As mentioned before, there is no guarantee that it might work and that your press release will be picked up by a media outlet:



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