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07 Jul



Island Apart – Martha’s Vinyard


One of the most savvy and clever marketing stunts by an author, I have seen in a very long time: Steven Raichlen is a food writer, known for his books: The Barbecue Bible and How to Grill, just wrote an article for Huffington Post 10 Great Places to Eat in Martha’s Vineyard. You might ask: fine, but what’s the point? Read on:

He also wrote a love story, which takes place in Martha’s Vinyard, MA, where he summers. His book in a nutshell: A New York book editor recovering from breast cancer, her diffident daughter, a self help guru, and the real life iconoclastic psychotherapist, Wilhelm Reich. Ultimately, it’s a story about love, loss, redemption — and a lot of really good food, that is mixed in the story. German readers might remember the bestseller: Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein, by Johannes Mario Simmel.

Steven Raichlen’s brilliant coup:
He wrote an article for Huffington Post Foodie Paradise: 10 Great Places to Eat in Martha’s Vineyard.  In a salute to some of Steven Raichlen’s favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, lobster shacks, and ice cream parlors on Martha’s Vineyard, he had his characters visit the same places which he usually patronizes with his wife.

He writes in this article: “I hope you’ll discover them by reading Island Apart. As my present to you and just in time for July 4th, here are 10 great places to eat in Martha’s Vineyard, who knows, maybe you’ll maybe run into Claire and the Hermit of Chappaquiddick …”  And then he gives even a link to his book on Amazon, explaining that it is now available in paperback.

Huffington Post: Blog empire and newspaper
Writing this article, Steven Raichlen was able to mention his book to a million readership FOR FREE, as the famous Huffington Post is a blog-empire, newspaper and online news aggregator, is also ranked the most powerful blog in the world by “The Observer” and is number 42 in “The Guardian‘s” Top 100 Media List. Their print version is available in eight major countries.

Steven Raichlen’s book promotion
Writing about his new book takes up about as much space as the listing of his favorite restaurants (which are really good!) His Huffington Post article ends with: “For more information about Island Apart, photos, a video of the island, and exclusive recipes for dishes, mentioned in the book, visit To order “Island Apart” click here.”


What can we learn from author Steven Raichlen?

  • Clever Marketing and reaching millions of people can be done totally free (other than your time). Just use your creativity and imagination!
  • Be self-assured and don’t hesitate to pitch international newspapers / blogs. It takes as much time as to pitch your local neighborhood paper.
  • Write something of value for readers – which is “by chance” part of your book, such as travel tips to the location of your books plot, museums, festivals or public transportation that are mentioned in your book.
  • You have to do your research anyway, why not use the material you gather and write several articles that you can offer – always mentioning your book.
  • As a writer you know how to write, just learn how to write online content by reading lots of online articles and how they are set-up
  • Have a stunning photo on your books cover!


The possibilities of marketing your books are endless:

  • A writer of romance, situated in a Western ambiance, could for sample write how to learn wrangling horses or write about guest ranches – and offer these articles to travel magazines or newspapers.
  • A writer of historical novels could write many articles about fashion, way of life, recipes or interior decoration in the 19th century world.
  • A writer of crime thrillers could elaborate in an article about weapons, psychological reasons behind crimes, or details about the police work.
  • Writers of business thrillers could offer an article what hedge funds are, how banks and mortgage companies are working or portrait business tycoons.
  • If any kind of animal is mentioned in your book – write about their habitat and their life cycle, you can even write about your own pet, if it is a character in your book.

Got the idea??? You have thousands of nouns in your manuscript – which means you are able to write thousands of articles. As a writer you don’t lack fantasy, that’s for sure… Let this talent work for you!


Content writing is the most fun and casual way of marketing your books and some newspapers and magazines even pay you a small amount for your article. Although NOT Huffington Post. However in any case, you have a fantastic and free marketing outlet for your books to a huge audience, and you can brag that you write for ….



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2 responses to “FREE, Brilliant Book Marketing to a Million Audience

  1. Fiona Ingram (@FionaRobyn)

    March 10, 2014 at 2:04 am

    Is this option only available to non-fiction books? I went onto the 111 site and it looks like a stunning campaign, but it seems to emphasise non-fiction.

    • ebooksinternational

      March 10, 2014 at 2:10 pm

      Fiona, no not at all. The book is fiction, a novel.
      The author compiled all the restaurants he mentioned in his book and wrote an article about dining on Martha’s Vineyard in his Huffington Post article.
      Very clever! As he showed the cover of his book and several links.
      Every novel author can find topics in their book to write a non-fiction article: restaurants, architecture, fashion, landscapes, tourism … the possibilities are endless : )

      We help in our online seminars clients to find the angles.

      Cheers, Doris

      Cheers, Doris


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