What Every Author Should Know

21 Apr


Where are these big publishers heading?


When consulting / coaching our clients, helping them with their book marketing, we often have to watch them coming to a screeching hold when they try to organize special sales or free days: authors cannot change prices, text or anything else on their retailers account if they go with a publisher. No matter if it is a traditional big publisher or one of these “vanity” publishers, as only those can go into the retailers account – unless they give their authors the keyword and other details and the permission to do changes on the sales page.

Every writer, no matter if they author-publish (really self-publish) or if they have sold their manuscript, they have to do their own marketing. But how can you do it, if you are on the mercy of a publisher – real or vanity? If you don’t own the ISBN and if they have no access to they retailers publishing pages?

This is a huge problem (among many others) that authors face after they have given away their work for pittance – or worse, have paid thousands of dollars to a vanity firm. So, what’s the difference between both, beside the fact that they hinder the authors in their marketing efforts?

Traditional Publishers

  • Accept very few submissions
  • Authors receive a small advance and royalties
  • They do not use print on demand (single or few books)
  • Authors have barely any say to cover image, publishing date etc.
  • It takes very long until the book is published
  • Publisher pays for printing, editing services and cover image 
  • Distribution services are covered by the publisher
  • Professional marketing services available – but only for celebrity writers
  • They own the ISBN for the book

Vanity Publisher

  • Accepts almost all submissions 
  • Author never receives any advance 
  • Author pays for printing, editing services 
  • Quick turnaround and Print on Demand 
  • Barely any distribution services
  • No professional marketing services 
  • Very few royalties – if any at all
  • They own the ISBN for the book

Why not self-publish?
If an author has all these challenges, waiting times (or costs to cover in the worst scenario) – and cannot even do the necessary marketing without huge problems, what’s the point in having a publisher? Why not author-publish / self-publish in the first place, and be independent when it comes to marketing?




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