You Are Not Alone – Get a Mentor

15 Apr

You Are Not Alone

You just wanted to write – and upload your book to Amazon, expecting that it becomes an instant hit. The writing – your skills – an art you mastered, is making you proud. However the publishing / marketing process feels scary … and you never before thought about becoming an entrepreneur.

Sure, you know all the benefits of self-publishing:

  • Author-publishing brought your book much faster to market, than waiting almost two years till it hits the shelves, even if you got a publishing contract
  • The marketing part will always be completely on you, no matter if you self-publish or if you go with a big traditional publisher
  • As a self-publisher you keep full control over the book design, the sales outlets, the price and the time your book will be on the market (maybe forever) – just to name a few
  • if your book is successful you can make a lot more money than a “published author”

You learned a lot already:
You read all the blog articles how to become a real author-publisher, even with printed books and their distribution to bookstores, running from April 8 – April 13 on

But you still have many questions… it seems, as if you have to learn a complete new profession. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your site to help you with:

  • all the details of the e-book and print book production process 
  • how readers can find your book on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple etc.
  • how you can create your “platform” and establish a brand as a writer
  • how you set up a blog/website and a social media presence
  • which reader forums you should join 
  • … plus all these questions you did not even know to ask

The Value of Mentor-ship
We do not only work for our clients during the time you actually book us, but long after, giving you regularly tips and news.  The articles we write about your book will stay on our sites forever.
With our help, self-publishing and book marketing can become an enjoyable journey for you: We help you to save time, money and efforts in your publishing / book marketing process.

Take Advantage of Our Professional Help
We have studied business, marketing and e-publishing and have 30 years publishing experience. We customize coaching to your needs and teach you:

  • how you can establish a brand as a writer
  • the publishing and retail possibilities
  • all the pre-publishing book marketing steps
  • blogging & automatic posting of your articles to Twitter, FB, Google+, Goodreads…
  • how to save a lot of time using social media sites for reader contacts 
  • researching your possible competition & popularity of genres/positioning
  • how to identify your target readers & plan your blog content & marketing strategies
  • how to find lots of readers, book bloggers & reviewers
  • … and the list goes on and on. Don’t forget: Writing is an art – publishing a business!

Would you learn to drive a car or fly a plane without instructor? 
It is frightening first, but once you have learned it – with a professional instructor on your site – gaining self-confidence, it becomes sheer pleasure for you. Everything you accomplished in life makes you proud and is fun doing. So will be author-publishing and book marketing!

If you would like to get help in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites: We offer all this and more for only $179 for 3 months! Learn more about this individual book marketing help:
Or visit to advertise your new book, specials or your KDP Select Free Days.

For your questions and to get testimonials contact us via: 111Publishing

Further reading and details:

  • we offer weekend classes for groups,
  • individual online seminars, targeted to your needs for a very low fee
  • and even a publishing / book marketing seminar at sea




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