Phantasy Baseball: It’s About a Second Chance

22 Mar



Phantasy Baseball by John A Hoda

Phantasy Baseball by John A Hoda

The Author John A Hoda:

“When a Little League coach wins a trip to Phantasy Baseball Camp, it sets in motion an unforgettable season with his beloved Philadelphia Phillies.

Joe DiNatale, a thirty-nine-year-old insurance agent from Reading, PA, discovers that he has a magical pitch and through luck and circumstance receives an improbable try-out.

Nobody is prepared to handle the instant rock-star celebrity and this average Joe has to hold on to his home-town values for dear life.

The ride gets bumpy during the All-Star break on and off the field, setting the stage for an unforgettable finish.
From the simple act of a child and parent playing catch, to the bright lights of a packed big-league stadium, John A. Hoda captures the game and how it can intertwine itself into the fabric of a family and a community.”

We pick up the story where Joe’s picture-perfect marriage is crumbling, wrecked by his only child’s drug and alcohol abuse. His last days as a little league coach ends with a surprise at the sports banquet. Little does Joe realize the real import of winning the grand prize.

In a world where second chances are few and precious, follow Joe’s remarkable journey for a baseball season like no other. You will want to come along on Joe’s magic carpet ride when you see that it’s more than just what happens on the field.

Phantasy Baseball is available as e-book and soft cover:
Phantasy Baseball book trailer:

John A. Hoda, a Baseball fan from toddler-age on, has good stories and tells them well. He is a former police officer and insurance fraud investigator. He is presently a licensed private investigator and missing heir researcher. He is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan. A lifetime athlete, he has run marathons, played semi-pro football and adult softball. He has produced, directed, written and acted in amateur theater in New Haven, Ct where he resides with his wife Gloria. John has written articles in PI Magazine and is the creator of the DVD: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements. His cases have headlined in The Philadelphia Inquirer and New Haven Register.

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