Two Great New Features in the Marketing Mix

12 Jan


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Those who have already signed up for our individual, customized Book Marketing Online Seminar and Publishing Consulting will get a nice (and free) extra surprise soon. Two great new features have been added to the marketing mix, which will improve their and (maybe soon your?) author platform.  Everyone who joins our very affordable – three-months coaching and marketing support for $179 = less than $2/day will now get:

  • Three hours of one-on-one Book Marketing Online Seminar phone-consultations
  • Unlimited book marketing consultations by email for up to three months
  • Unlimited social media help by email for up to three months
  • Instructions / Checklist / Hundreds of links for you to use for your free book promotions
  • Free e-book: “Book Marketing on a Shoestring” launch in January 2013
  • Blog post including cover image/author bio/book description on both, blog and our websites
  • NEW: Author interview on our blog website (680,000+ visitors so far, 1.900+ subscribers)
  • NEW: “Book of the Month” recommendation on major book lover sites
  • Plus one surprise gift we will reveal once you sign up!
    .As you can see our Book Marketing Help is customized for you, the author and we will individually work with you. It all starts with a purchase of your book and then an evaluation of your book’s sales page and your marketing activities so far. We will explain you the benefits of various steps in building the platform for you as an author and how you can establish a brand without incurring extra cost, such as expensive ads or how to avoid costly POD’s.
    Our Book Marketing is personalized to your needs and we do NOT sell any videos, pre-recorded Webinars or DVD’s!  We really work one-on-one with you!!! In some cases we worked up to 20 hours at this customized marketing help per client – it is not only the time we talk with everyone, it is the research in each case and the amount of time we invest in individual programs we create for each of our clients.

The blog article about your book will be posted, often several times / week for 3 months to all these

* These are only our official business accounts, our private time-line on these Social Media
has 50,000 followers on Google+ and almost 4,100 in Goodreads pages and counting…

We thrive to support you and your book. If you are not yet finished with your manuscript, join now to have a great start. As earlier you begin with marketing activities for your work, as better!
Authors can even combine a leisurely Caribbean Cruise at the Carnival Breeze and have their Book Marketing Seminar not online, but “on sea”.  Get details about this exciting Cruise Event.






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2 responses to “Two Great New Features in the Marketing Mix

  1. Patrick Jones

    January 13, 2013 at 11:47 am

    Reblogged this on The Linden Chronicles and commented:
    This is an excellent program and really is one-on-one with the experts. A very customized approach to marketing within the vast expanse of social networking.

  2. Colton Joseph

    January 31, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    RT this as well, great resource for self-publishers who want to tap into more reader circles.


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