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Great post by Meyer Lane. And it is not only true for writing the book, yet even for promoting and marketing  your work.





Meyer Lane's Short Attention Span Press

You wouldn’t believe how many people I meet who tell me they’ve got a great idea for a novel … if only they had the time to write!
“You know,” I say, “You’re right. That’s my secret. I have all this free time.”
And if only I had the time to run for President, I’d be in the White House.
Writing is the only profession I can think of that requires no license, no certificate, no special training, and no special tools. Anyone who wants to can be a writer. All you have to do is write.
It’s completely logical why so many people talk about writing a book (or a screenplay) and so few actually do it. It’s risky. When your novel exists only as a theoretical concept, it’s the best novel ever written. Put it down on paper (I’m a writer, I get to use figures of speech)…

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