Nine Inch Bride

03 Dec

NINE INCH BRIDE Series, Book One – Conundrum


In this timely and relevant political fiction we meet Ken, a young Wall Street analyst thrown out of work in a major market crash, facing financial and emotional ruin in Empire City, the private corporation Manhattan has become some decades in the future.

As Ken spirals down, battling and succumbing to desperation and despair, he is rescued by a uniquely talented young woman with a dedicated revolutionary agenda. Together they form a most extraordinary partnership in a mission to change the world.

Sahar, or Sa for short, is the individual’s individual in many ways, with talents that enable her to spy on the machinations of the world’s richest and most powerful man, on whose Catskill estate, a nerve center to the world, she lives in secrecy.

While the wilderness estate has transformed her into an athlete and warrior, the Net, a future amalgam of current technologies, has made her a sophisticated seductress and dissembler, living virtual lives online in the wider world.

In romping dialog with the insightful Sa, Ken returns from the brink of self-destruction and enlists for high pay in her revolutionary enterprise. His job? Multiplying the billions in her political war chest to fund big capitalism’s ultimate undoing.

Written mostly in the form of brisk dialogue among an unusually intriguing cast of characters, this is the wry, symbolic tale of a consummate revolutionary hell-bent on co-opting Wall Street to transform the world. The present and future, real and unreal fuel a serious and lighthearted bonfire of corporate political culture in America.

Download your copy of Book One for $1.99 in an early release exclusive for first readers. Professionally edited and fully revised, Conundrum is presently available at all e-Book outlets as well as on the web site. Visit our Amazon page.  Book Two, A Stone of Conscience, is expected to be out in the first quarter of the New Year.

What readers are saying:  

“. . . a serious, literate book which repays close attention.”

“Visionary, metaphysical and lots of fun.”

“Coinages and novelty proliferate in a masterful use of language, something in the manner of Faulkner’s early novels and James Joyce’s late ones.”

. . . fills a void as the literary answer to Atlas Shrugged.”




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