Ominous: Borders: Coffee

30 Nov


Ominous: Borders: Coffee

V400370332_SX200_Set in PARIS, this thriller surges ominously through the psyche of modern Europe. Conflict is rife; danger is everywhere. You will be tempted to trawl through Paris, to drink in the bars, or smoke on dark street corners. Be warned… watch your back… Inspector Vasseur has his favorite table on a battered sidewalk.

Alone he sits on hot summer nights, allowing his instincts to grapple with the mysterious case of innocent deaths along the River Seine. In other parts of the city, the Stalker trails her female targets, hell-bent on seduction; the Baker clings to his French traditions despite the temptations of the world around him; two beautiful women set up a coffee society – one leaves the prison of her insular creativity and the other relishes life in all its forms.

They bring out the very evil in some, and the pursuit of romance in others. In this tightly plotted novel, borders are stormed, emotional, sexual, and psychotic; and borders weave danger around lovers of coffee, the creative, and the finest of foods. Discover why author Peter Standish Evans holds a deserved and special place among-st the new breed of thriller writers. Ominous: Borders: Coffee will be a dog-eared and red wine stained addition to your book collection.


About the Author:

Peter Standish Evans was born in England; son of a Welsh father and Scottish mother with a penchant for moving home. Told as a youngster his birth country was Wales, he was entranced – and a natural admirer of Dylan Thomas. Years later he discovered that borders had mysteriously shifted, or the English had usurped “Colwell”, his parents home-village at the time.

To this day Colwell and Malvern remain firmly rooted in England, and hosted W.H. Auden’s moment of Right,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_“revelatory experience”.

As one of a tribe of six siblings, deciphering the concepts of fact and fiction was mandatory for survival, as was packing battered English bags for their numerous trips to and from Southern Africa; moving residence to new locations, alternately far north and far south of the equator.

Despite leaving the “fine art of facts” to scientists, both poetry and fiction remain his constant companions. He is an ardent reader, and now enjoys writing full time.

Peter Standish Evans has two children, and divides his time somewhat equally between Europe and South Africa. He holds a degree in English Literature from Natal University and a Masters from Witwatersrand University.

Ominous: Borders: Coffee (A Paris Thriller)” is his first novel, and he is working on the sequel, “The circle of dark squares”. He has a published poetry collection “Red Winds Howl”, which has been described as “a blend of 303 bullets and tequila”.

“From the first pages this wonderful thriller hooks one into the story with its interesting and disturbing characters, it’s sensory explorations and the layered complexity of psychology and humanity. The French setting with a minor African riff and the detail of food, wine, coffee and poetry makes for a mentally stimulating ride. This is a page turner that I wish could have gone on longer.”

Kindle Edition



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2 responses to “Ominous: Borders: Coffee

  1. John

    December 6, 2012 at 6:17 am

    I am surely going to read this book sounds awesomely interesting given the fact it has disturbing characters.

  2. MarinaSofia

    December 13, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Sounds interesting – cross-cultural mix and bags of atmosphere? Bring it on!


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