Lots of Competition for Your Book

24 Nov



In 2012 an estimated 10 to 15 million books will be published. Lots of competition… 

Life as an author can be a lonely one. You can feel overwhelmed by all the choices and options available to you, not sure which direction to go.  Ask yourself: “Are you as well known as you could be as an author?”  “Are your books selling as well as they should do?”  Learn about the difference between the top 3% of bestseller authors and everyone else!


You worked very hard to write your book and now it needs to be introduced to your readers. In the last two blog posts I explained how I can help you in individual sessions – customized to your needs – how to establish an author platform, learn the ropes of social media and promote your book at a “next to ZERO” budget.

Additionally to this intensive one-on-one Book Marketing Training you will get an article about your book, which will be posted 5 times / week for 3 months to Social Media outlets and blogs – see a complete list in the “About” section – approx. 500 x in total and to at least 125,000 readers, reviewers, followers and friends – and for sure, they will send it to their friends and followers as well.

Why should you take advantage of this Book Marketing Training offer?

ONLY sign up when you are really serious about the success of your books!
Please, NOT because of its incredible low introduction price.  And only, if you REALLY want to get professional help for the promoting-part of your book(s)!

And here is how it works:

You will be introduced to the seminar page.

1. Step: Click on “Sign up” for this Book Marketing Training
2. Step: Send me your online book sales page link, synopsis of your book & to whom you want to sell it
3. Step: I will buy your book, read it and …. (surprise
4. Step: Write your list of questions and give me the best time for an initial consultation
5. Step: Two or three phone consultations (for a total of three hours)
6. Step: You implement the first steps, and we will have more consultations via phone and email
7. Step: You will receive my new e-book, and an individual to-do lists for further book marketing
8. Step: The article about your book will intensively be distributed via Internet
9. Step: You will be interviewed and this article will be well publicized
10. Step: Your book will be “Book of the Month” as recommendation on a major book lover site

Finally: ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS! And don’t forget to tell your fellow writers about this learning opportunity and marketing help, thanks.


For any questions you might have, please drop me a line:  111publishing  a t

or go directly to the website 111Publishing





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One response to “Lots of Competition for Your Book

  1. Alexander von Ness (@AlexandervonNes)

    December 30, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Thanks for this article! Very useful.


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